October 25 Community input meeting summary

High School Schedule Committee Community Input Meeting
October 25, 2018, 6:30 -8:00 pm
Admin Building Board Rooms

Summary of Community Input 

Question 1: What do you like or not about your current schedule?

  • Students at ISHS want more classes and more electives (variety)
  • Opportunities for core classes, enhanced education, electives (music/arts) resulting in a well-rounded education, reduced stress, more time for homework
  • LHS students like 8 period schedule – prepares students for college, allows time for homework, allows for increased depth of content and more time for labs.
  • LHS students are concerned that they may lose access to elective options if the schedule changes.
  • LHS schedule has a lot of flexibility, allows students to pursue and discover passion and gain support. This schedule also supports athletes better
  • ISHS and SHS students want flexibility
  • Core 24 makes it difficult to meet requirements in a 6 period day
  • Fewer transitions in an 8 period day, easier to manage homework, increased instruction
  • Comments included those who like 6 periods days and those who do not
  • 6 period day does not proved much wiggle room with Core 24
  • 8 period day allows teachers to get creative
  • Nest time at ISHS is valued
  • Some frustration regarding the process and wanting to understand the schedule options
  • What will be the impact on AP/IB curriculum and test scores

Question 2: What is your top priority for an ideal schedule?

  • Rich academic schedule, classes of interest for all types of learners and mental health
  • Access to classes students need/want and a healthy life balance. Electives engage students
  • A/B schedule may encourage students to select rigor because of homework flexibility
  • Too many classes may increase stress and decrease balance
  • Balance rigor work/life and work load, athletics and extra-curricular activities
  • Stay competitive for college regardless of which schedule is choses
  • One schedule should not be required for all schools
  • Community members want to understand why a common schedule is being requested and the reasoning when a specific schedule is chosen. Data on seat time and performance is requested
  • Longer periods increase contact time with teachers, teach life skills, are college preparatory, allows teachers to employ a variety of instructional practices to meet the needs of more students, increases teacher engagement and promotes teacher/student relationships
  • Can we keep different options at all schools
  • Does student interest decrease if classes are greater than 60 min.
  • Is a double block system an option – AA,BB

Question 3: If you want flex time built into a schedule, what would you want it used for?

  • ISHS values flex time – homework completed, access to teachers, administrative issues
  • LHS families believe they have adequate access to teachers before and after school
  • Time to connect with a group for a project, quizzes (but not test- too short), take a breath
  • Trust students and allow down time. This should be a catch up opportunity
  • The time should be academic and support the needs of students
  • Guided studies at LHS is structured and works well. Will there be added value without structure? Flex is not needed at LHS because the schedule and offerings
  • Social Emotional Learning
  • LHS guided studies need to be monitored better
  • Time can be used for clubs, academic support, leadership opportunities
  • Students should be allowed to choose where they go
  • Flex time should have an academic focus, time for announcements, tryouts clubs, drills
  • Flex time should be consistent