Secondary Scheduling Advisory Work Group

Meeting Minutes and Agendas

Meetings are scheduled on the following dates:  June 30, July 2, July 7, July 9, July 14, July 16, July 21, July 23, July 28.  All meetings will be held via Zoom from 1-3:30pm. 


 June 30, 2020 Agenda - June 30 Official Minutes - June 30
 July 2  
 July 7  
 July 9  
 July 14
 July 16  
 July 21  
 July 23  
 July 28  
 July 30  

Work Group Charge

This Work Group is charged with:

  • Developing and making recommendations to the Steering Committee
    • Scheduling:  review or develop at least two (2) models, identifying benefits, challenges and constraints of hybrid learning and teaching models where most students are both in and remote learning
    • Remote learning and teaching models for students who are fully remote or class/school/District needs to close due to an outbreak
    • Consideration of school milestones

Committee Members

Lesha Engels              CTE                                                    

Melanie Bonanno        Student Interventions                         

Joan Lawson               Special Services  

Danielle Zelinski          Athletics     

Keith Hennig               Principal Skyline High School  

Erin Armstrong            Vice Principal Liberty High School 

Carrie Reckling           Principal Issaquah Middle School 

Michelle Caponigro     Principal Pine Lake Middle School

Kim Michael                Student Information Systems 

Sarah Gardner            SEIU Representative      

Darcell Johnston         SEIU Representative 

TBD                             IEA Representative

TBD                             IEA Representative

Katelyn Shriber           Skyline High School Parent     

Kim Wilkinson             Issaquah High School Parent    

Neela Agarwal            Skyline High School Student        

Ava Finn                      Skyline High School Student 

Esteban Ortiz              Skyline High School Student  

TBD                             Liberty High School Student              

Wendy Cummings      Issaquah Middle School Parent   

Stina Fluegge              Maywood Middle School Parent   


Technical Team

Dr. Joshua Almy, Deputy Superintendent
Donna Hood, Executive Director of High School Education
Jason Morse, Executive Director of Middle School Education