Pest Management Notification

Usually, chemical applications of pesticides or herbicides in Issaquah School District occur when school is not in session. However, on occasion, when other pest controls are ineffective, chemicals are used to prevent the costs and hazards associated with insects, rodents, or noxious weeds. When chemicals are used during school sessions, the treated areas are clearly marked, and notification is posted in each school office.

If you want to know ahead of time that chemicals will be used at your school, please do the following:

  • Contact your school to fill out a Pest Management Notification Form (also known according to the law as a "Sensitive Persons List.") or download a Pest Management Notification Form
  • Return your form to your school office professional who will send it to the District’s Maintenance Department. The Maintenance Department will notify you before chemicals are used at your school.

Please note, to ensure that our records are always accurate, you must fill out a Pest Management Notification Form each year. We will inform you of this opportunity to ask for pre-notification each fall via legal notices in the District E-News.