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Teaching and Learning Services

Providing powerful strategies, data, and resources to teachers, principals, and educational assistants resulting in each student learning well is the department's mission. We accomplish our mission through direct services to students and guidance, support, and resources for educators.

Our student service offerings encompass a variety of programs for students with special needs including English Language Learners (ELL), Title 1, and struggling students. These services are based upon the same foundation of curriculum, instruction, and assessment provided for all general education students. In concert with Special Education, Career and Technical Education, and at-risk partners, these offerings constitute a full continuum of student services supporting our belief that in Issaquah all children can and do learn well.

Teachers, principals and educational assistants have very challenging jobs. Teaching and Learning Services (TLS) offer resources to assist them. We research and guide the selection of district-wide, standards-based instructional materials and programs. TLS offers a variety of professional development programs to ensure that highly qualified educational professionals work with students. Content specialists work with teachers to ensure the use of best instructional practices. We provide assessment and data analysis also.

The state of Washington has identified learning standards for grades K-10 at three benchmark levels; elementary, middle, and high school. The Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction's Curriculum and Instruction webpages contain in-depth information and resources related to the state standards. Please see additional information regarding teaching and learning under the Academics tab of our website.

Teaching and Learning Administrators

Emilie Hard, Assistant Superintendent

Kathy Connally, Director  - TLS

Dawn Wallace,  Director -TLS

Debra Hawkins, Director - Research and Assessment

Diana Eggers, Director - Educational Technology

Department Contact Information

Leslie Miniken, Administrative Assistant, 425-837-7030

Jill Huesgen, TLS Secretary, 425-837-7148 

Marianne Dikran, ELL Secretary, 425-837-7028

Patty Miller, Assessment Secretary,  425-837-7007

Shelley Frey, Assessment Specialist,  425-837-7105

Jean Herman, Research and Development Specialist,  425-837-7089

Susie Yamane, TLS Secretary,  425-837-7122

Dana Kane, Ed Tech Secretary , 425-837-7068

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