Equity Advisory Group



If you want more information, please contact Alaina Sivadasan at sivadasana@issaquah.wednet.edu or Lorna Gilmour at gilmourl@issaquah.wednet.edu.

Equity Advisory Group at Meeting

Who are we?

The Equity Advisory Group formed in January 2015. We are a group of parents, teachers, paraprofessionals, administrators, and other invited guests on occasion. As of 2018, our membership is full. If you are interested in joining in the future, we will put your name on a waiting list and contact you as space becomes available. You need to be a current ISD parent and wait for an opening.

What is our purpose?

We meet to advise the district on ways to improve equity in our increasingly diverse district. We represent multiple voices and perspectives from different ethnic, racial, religious, income and other groups.  We meet three times a year.  

How has Issaquah School District changed in the past few years?

equity graphs for website

Source: OSPI Data

What is Equity?

Equity Poster from Metropolitan CouncilEquity addresses differences and takes into consideration the fact that this society has many groups in it who have not always been given equal treatment and/or have not had a level field on which to play. (Krause, Traini & Mickey, 2001, Equity versus Equality)

Equity means giving special focus to certain groups, to better serve those groups that have been under-represented or under-served.  When we focus on these groups, the whole district benefits (this is “targeted universalism”).

Equality says we treat everyone the same and give them the exact same resources or support. 

Equity says we treat each person individually and give them the resources and supports they need to get access and succeed.

*Equity Poster used with permission from the Metropolitan Council.

What are we working on?

We have submitted our recommendations to the district leadership for 2018-19. We will post those once we have heard feedback.

Current Recommendations:

  1. Family Partnerships 
    • Develop parent leaders in buildings who can serve as family connectors and cultural brokers with families
    • Provide year-long, district-wide training and education for parents about the school system
    • Work with PTA to engage families from diverse cultures/languages
  2. Hiring and retaining diverse staff 
    • Continue working with NW University on alternate routes to certification for EAs (to support EAs of color to become teachers)\
    • Explore teacher pipeline: ISD high school students-of-color to become ISD teachers
    • Look at job descriptions and interview questions for other possible ways to attract/hire diverse candidates 
  3. Cultural Competence professional development/training for ISD staff 
    • Continue with current professional development for staff – teachers and support staff
    • Continue with current professional development for principals/administrators
    • Consider having mandatory training for all staff

Recent Events

For information on recent events, please visit the Cultural and Family Partnerships page.