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Early Learning

Preschool 1

Linking early learning and elementary learning can help children and families experience smooth transitions and continuity of practice from early learning into the kindergarten year. The Issaquah School District is committed to actively growing our partnerships with community preschools and in-home care providers to support this collaborative vision. Opportunities for involvement and professional development, as well as resources, will be posted to this page below.

Upcoming Events:  

Successful Transitioning from Pre-School to Kindergarten - Presented by Whitney White, M.Ed. - March 15, 2018

The transition to kindergarten is a pivotal time in a child's education.  Whitney White's presentation session will outline the importance of a smooth transition, strategies to make the transition seamless, reviewing the Issaquah kindergarten readiness data, and a hands-on exploration of the standard for kindergarten readiness.  Click here for an informational flyer and to register.

Professional Development Presentations:

Preschool Play is Serious Business - Presented by Whitney White, M.Ed. - January 11, 2018

Thank you for those of who attended the event.  The following is a list of materials that Whitney delivered during her presentation which can support you in your preschool activities.

Kindergarten Readiness:

  • Preschool experiences which are aligned to expectations for entering kindergarteners will support a  smooth transition for children. This checklist (en Español) outlines skills children entering kindergarten are expected to have.

Articles of Interest:

  • The Education Department has a guide for preschool educators called "Let's Talk, Read, and Sing About STEM" that offers ideas on how to infuse science concepts into the early-childhood classroom. Click here for practical tips for preschool teachers and providers.

  • The NPR article, Getting the Most Out of Pre-K, ‘Most Important’ Year in School by Claudio Sanchez summarizes a guide to what a quality Pre-K program should look like from an interview with author Suzanne Bouffard. Click here to read the article.

  • Math Picture Book Analysis Guide for parents.  Use this guide to help you choose math picture books to read with your child.  A good math picture book will have all four of the positive qualities shown on the guide.  Click here to view the guide.