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To enroll a student in the Issaquah School District, go directly to the school with records indicating your address, the child’s immunization records, date of birth and any other current school information you have available. If you do not have current school records with you, they can be sent for after you have signed a release form in the school office. Secretaries are in the schools to register students into June (check with your school for schedules) and return to schools in mid-August.

In-District Transfers

The open enrollment process begins each February 1.

Students are expected to attend the school in the attendance area in which they reside, unless an exception is granted in accordance with provisions outlined below. The student's place of residence is defined as the residence of his/her parent(s)/guardian(s) or where the student stays at least four nights of the week. Student(s) or parent(s)/guardian(s) may be asked to furnish proof of residence.

Under the District's policy of open enrollment, students and their parent(s)/guardian(s) may apply to attend any District school outside of their designated attendance area during the District designated open enrollment period that begins February 1. Permission to enroll in a school other than the attendance area school will be granted by the District based upon whether or not that school is declared "closed." Schools may be designated "closed" based upon student population at or expected to exceed District established building or classroom capacity at the grade level requested.

When a school other than his/her original attendance area school has accepted a student, the receiving school becomes the student's new home school. The student does not automatically maintain the right to return to the original attendance area school. In order to return to the original attendance area school, the same procedure must be followed as for any move to a non-attendance area school as outlined above.

Students who attended a new home school outside of their designated attendance area must reapply to attend the next level; e.g., elementary to middle school or middle school to high school, if they wish to attend in a school that is not in their designated area. The District is not obligated to create a special program for a student in a school where one does not exist, if that student is requesting to attend a school outside of his/her designated attendance area.

Parents assume full responsibility for transportation and supervision to and from a school other than the student's attendance area school as designated by District attendance area boundaries.

Exceptions for Cause

Exception to the above conditions for student transfer may be made upon consent of the principal and superintendent/designee and on a space available basis, in the following circumstances:

  1. When the student under age 12 will be cared for outside of school hours at a home or agency outside of his/her neighborhood attendance area. The waiver exists as long as the day care remains at that location.
  2. When the student has moved into another attendance area during the last quarter of the school year and wishes to complete the year at the school where s/he has been enrolled. This provision lasts only through the end of the school year to be completed;
  3. When a student has moved to another attendance area, s/he may be allowed to attend the last year of his/her education sequence in a school other than the new attendance area school;
  4. The student’s disciplinary records indicate no history of violent or disruptive behavior or gang membership. For purposes of this policy, “gang” means a group which: (a) Consists of three or more persons; (b) has identifiable leadership; and (3) on an ongoing basis, regularly conspires and acts in concert mainly for criminal purposes.
  5. The student has not been expelled or suspended from a public school for more than ten consecutive days.
  6. When the family provides written documentation to verify/confirm residency in a different attendance area within six months of the date of the request and wishes to enroll the student in his/her new school prior to establishing residency. Written documentation includes a construction contract or rental agreement;
  7. When, as the result of a guidance team study, an unique curricular program available in another school in the District, but not available in the student's attendance area school, is recommended as crucial to the student's educational progress;
  8. When, as the result of a guidance team study, a different school environment is recommended as a part of a total program designed to correct a student's social behavior problem.

Transferring students must comply with all rules and regulations of the receiving school. Parents or guardians and/or students requesting an In-District transfer must complete 3131F In-District Student Transfer Request Form.

Transfer into Issaquah School District

The open enrollment process begins each February 1.

Students who reside outside the boundaries of the Issaquah School District shall be accepted for admission to the Issaquah School District subject to the following provisions:

  1. The student applied for admission within the time limit established by the District;
  2. Adequate space and an appropriate program are available, as determined solely by the District, at the grade level or program in the school the student requests to attend;
  3. There is a reasonable indication the student's attendance, citizenship, and academic progress will be satisfactory, considering records from the previous school;
  4. Parents are responsible for transportation and supervision to and from school or to the nearest established bus stop with space available;
  5. Acceptance of the student will not result in financial hardship for the receiving District.

How to Apply

A Choice Student Transfer Agreement is obtained from the home district and completed by the parent(s)/ guardian(s) or adult student and returned to the home district. The student is then released by the school District where the student currently resides and, after acceptance, the agreement is filed with the Issaquah School District administrator responsible for administering this policy.

All non-resident students must reapply for admission for each school year and will be accepted by the District based upon the same conditions as for other non-resident students applying to the District for the first time. Continuing attendance for non-resident students is not assured and may be refused by the District for reasons of District over-enrollment, or excessive absences, academic non-performance or disruptive behavior on the part of the student. Once admitted, a non-resident student may remain in the District for the full academic year, unless attendance, academic performance or citizenship is unsatisfactory.

All students who apply to the District will be considered based upon the same criteria, except that non-resident students who have been in the District during the previous year and who have maintained a satisfactory record of achievement, attendance and citizenship will be given priority for continuing enrollment in the next year.

A student who moves out of the District does not automatically maintain the right to remain in the District, even though Washington Interscholastic Athletic Association eligibility rules would still allow him/her to continue in athletics in Issaquah. Students who move from the District must notify the School District within 5 days and apply to remain in District schools and are subject to regulations outlined for all transfer students. If denied acceptance, parent(s)/guardian(s)/adult student will be notified of the right to appeal under RCW 28A.225.230(3).

Transfer Out of Issaquah School District – Resident Students

Transfer is required to attend a public school in a school district that is different from the one where you live.

Students who reside within the boundaries of the Issaquah School District may be released to attend school in another District upon written request from the parent(s)/guardian(s) or adult student. A student or parent(s)/ guardian(s) must apply for release prior to August 15 for the following school year. Release may be granted for the following reasons:

  1. The student's financial, educational, safety, or health conditions would likely be improved.
  2. Attendance in the nonresident district is more accessible to the parent's/guardian's place of work or to the location of the child care.
  3. There is a special hardship or detrimental condition.
  4. The purpose of the transfer is for enrollment in an online course or school program offered by an OSPI-approved provider.
  5. Parent/guardian is an employee with the requested school district.


Written request shall consist of the 3140F Choice Transfer Request Form which is to be completed and turned into the the Issaquah District administrator responsible for student transfers.

Release of the student by the Issaquah School District does not guarantee acceptance by another District.

Students who reside in the Issaquah Schools attendance area and attend a school outside of the District, may return to the Issaquah District at any time unless they have been excluded for disciplinary reasons.

Parents assume full responsibility for transportation and supervision between the student's home and school of choice.

Also see Kindergarten registration information.

Learning by Choice

A guide outlining various enrollment options for parents/guardians and students is available on the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) website at We are notifying you, as required in state statute, of the guide's availability.