Inter-District Transfers


Please contact Debbie Romano, Operations Coordinator, at or 425-837-7010.

Students residing in school districts outside the Issaquah School District and want to attend a school within the Issaquah School District may apply for an inter-district transfer. These transfers are approved on a space-available basis after transfers within the district have been accommodated.

A Choice Student Transfer Agreement is obtained from the home district and completed by the parent(s)/ guardian(s) or adult student and returned to the home district. The student is then released by the school District where the student currently resides and, after acceptance, the agreement is filed with the Issaquah School District administrator responsible for administering this policy.

How to apply

  • Go to the school district office of your home school district to get a choice transfer form.
  • Fill out the form and turn it in to your home school district.
  • A designated person from your home school district will process the choice form to release your student or will inform you that the release to transfer has been denied.
  • New requests from out-of-district students will be placed on waiting lists in order of the request date.
  • Issaquah School District will notify you whether your request has been accepted or the transfer is denied.
  • Students outside the district will be placed after the in-district students are accommodated.

When to Apply

  • Any time after each February 1 for the next school year.

How to Renew

All non-resident students must reapply for admission for each school year and will be accepted by the District based upon the same conditions as for other non-resident students applying to the District for the first time. Once admitted, continuing attendance for non-resident students is not assured and may be refused by the District for reasons of over-enrollment, excessive absences, academic non-performance, and/or have no severe, ongoing, or pervasive disruptive behavior incidents or repeated misconduct.

All students who apply to the District will be considered based upon the same criteria, except that non-resident students who have been in the District during the previous year and who have maintained a satisfactory record of achievement, attendance and citizenship will be given priority for continuing enrollment in the next year.

A student who moves out of the District does not automatically maintain the right to remain in the District, even though Washington Interscholastic Athletic Association eligibility rules would still allow him/her to continue in athletics in Issaquah. Students who move from the District must notify the School District within 5 days and apply to remain in District schools and are subject to regulations outlined for all transfer students. If denied acceptance, parent(s)/guardian(s)/adult student will be notified of the right to appeal under RCW 28A.225.230(3).

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