Dec 14 - Meeting Information

2022 Levy Development Committee 5:30-8:00 p.m., Tuesday, Dec. 14, 2021


Issaquah Middle School, 600 2nd Ave. SE, Issaquah


  1. Welcome and Agenda – 5 minutes - Josh Almy and Martin Turney
  2. Review and approve minutes from December 2 – 5 minutes - Josh Almy and Martin Turney
  3. Review charter and charge of the committee – 10 minutes - Josh Almy and Martin Turney
  4. Additional information from previous meeting and tax rates – 15 minutes - Josh Almy and Martin Turney
  5. Group discussions and report out on Transportation levy – 20 minutes - Josh Almy and Martin Turney
  6. Group discussion and report out on EP&O levy – 25 minutes - Josh Almy and Martin Turney
  7. Break – 10 minutes - All
  8. Springboard for Capital Levy and questions – 60 minutes - Martin Turney, Diana Eggers, Tom Mullins and Technical Team
  9. Adjourn - Josh Almy and Martin Turney

Mini Meeting Summary

Official Action:

The committee voted unanimously to approve the minutes from the December 2, 2021 meeting. The committee also voted to 31-4 to approve the Transportation Springboard Proposal as presented.


The committee worked to revise and refine the potential levy package. Discussion centered on the possibility of additional buses above the Springboard Proposal as well as funding the conversion of gas busses to electric. The committee was given the Springboard Proposal for the Capital Levy which included presentations on Critical Repairs/Infrastructure and Technology.

Up next: 

Committee members will return January 6; they were directed to review the materials, solicit feedback from their respective community and return with questions and comments.