2018 Levy Development Committee Charter


Superintendent Ron Thiele


To advise the Superintendent as he prepares a recommendation for the school board to approve levy issues for the 2018 ballot.

Time Frame

  • May - June, 2017: Levy Development Committee meets on non-school-board meeting Wednesdays.
  • June 14, 2017: Superintendent presents recommendation to School Board, which may devise its own process to present and test the recommendation in the wider community before adoption.


Recommend for Superintendent Thiele’s approval the proposed content, total cost, and tax impact of three ballot measures:

  • Maintenance and Operations Levy
  • Capital Levy (technology and critical facility repairs)
  • Transportation Levy


Aiming to keep local school taxes stable, each levy package will include funding essential to:

  • Ensure the Issaquah School District has all the resources possible to meet its mission and Ends student learning goals;
  • Safely and efficiently maintain facilities and property according to state and District use standards and schedules.


  • Community representative from each school - 24
  • Principals from each region and grade span - 9
  • PTSA Council - 1
  • Issaquah Schools Foundation - 1
  • Issaquah Education Association - 1
  • Classified staff representative - 1
  • Business representatives - 2 
  • Senior community representatives - 2 
  • Local government representatives - 1
  • Community-at-large - 4  
  • Student representatives - 4

Selection Criteria

Balanced representation; ability to represent constituency effectively; willingness to attend meetings and contribute to consensus process. Site Council will select each school’s representative; administrators will work with each of the other groups to select its representative(s).

Technical Team

A technical team composed of the Chief of Finance and Operations, Executive Director of Finance and Support Services, Director of Transportation, Director of IT Infrastructure, Director of Educational Technology, Director of Capital Projects, and Executive Director of Communications will provide facilitation, admin support, and guidance with all technical information and data.