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Levy Issues-February 2014

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Issaquah's Three Levies on the February 2014 Ballot

1. Renewal Maintenance and Operations (M&O) Levy: Classroom learning
2014MO180x120 The Maintenance and Operations (M&O) Levy is the only locally approved ballot measure that directly pays for basic general classroom and operational needs such as special education, curriculum, extra-curricular activities, and staff salaries. If renewed, the M&O Levy will allow the District to collect its full statutory authority, which amounts to between $44 million and $54 million per year from 2015 to 2018. Put in perspective, the M&O levy provides 21¢ of every classroom dollar. That is equivalent to 485 classroom teachers or 575 classified positions (custodians, bus drivers, educational assistants, etc.) Broken down, that equals:
  • 18 elementary teachers and 2 classified staff members at each elementary,
  • 20 teachers and 3 classified staff members at each middle school, and
  • 24 teachers and 4 classified staff members at each high school.


2. Renewal School Bus Levy: Health, safety, and efficiency
2014BUS180x120If renewed, the School Bus Levy will provide $1.7 million in 2015 to purchase 71 buses to enable the District's fleet to run as safely, cleanly, and efficiently as possible. The levy will allow the District to collect state funding to offset the cost of bus purchases, ensure alignment with state safety standards, and provide the most efficient buses, allowing the District to preserve more operational dollars for the classroom.



3.  Renewal Capital Levy: Classroom technology and critical repairs
capital180x120The Capital Levy includes two components: educational technology and critical repairs for each school District-wide. If renewed, the District will collect $41.8 million for technology and $10.2 million for critical repairs over the life of the levy. For technology, these dollars will fund replacement of aging computers, printers, servers, and document cameras; staff training; development of online classes/educational opportunities; school tech specialists; upgrade of wireless Internet; safety and efficiency software for school bus operations; and continued upgrades to District websites, emergency alert systems, and other e-communications. For critical repairs, the Capital Levy includes maintenance of heating and cooling systems, additional portable classroom space, safety and security upgrades.


Fast facts

  • Stability:   Over the next four years, owners of homes with the district-average assessed valuation of $500,000 will contribute about $40 more per year than they currently do if all three levies are renewed.
  • Financial management:   The Issaquah School District has the highest bond rating (Aaa) of any public school district in Washington State on Moody's scale and has received exemplary audit reports for eleven consecutive years.
  • Levies and bonds:  Washington ranks 43 out of 50 states in per-pupil education funding, according to "Education Week;" Issaquah ranks 292 out of 295 Washington school districts in state per-pupil education funding. A levy or bond measure is the one funding mechanism provided by law that enables the local community to directly invest in the quality of its schools to overcome these shortfalls.

Background information and Levy Development Committee work

Go to the February 2014 Levy background pages for information about the levy development process and the Levy Development Committee.

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