Preschool Partnerships

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Linking early learning and elementary learning can help children and families experience smooth transitions and continuity of practice from early learning into the kindergarten year. The Issaquah School District is committed to actively growing our partnerships with community preschools and in-home care providers to support this collaborative vision. Opportunities for involvement and professional development, as well as resources, will be posted to this page below.

Successful Transitioning from Preschool to Kindergarten:

Kindergarten Readiness:

  • Preschool experiences which are aligned to expectations for entering kindergarteners will support a smooth transition for children. This checklist (en Español) outlines skills children entering kindergarten are expected to have.


  • Research has shown that children are capable of learning math concepts at a much earlier age than has been previously recognized. A study has also indicated that when controlling for IQ, family income, gender, temperament, type of previous educational experience, and whether children came from single or two-parent families, the mastery of early math concepts upon school entry was the strongest predictor of future academic success.1 
    1 School readiness and later achievement
    Developmental Psychology, Vol 43(6); Nov 2007; 1426-1446

    Early Math Brochure from OSPI (en Español)

  • 3 Strategies for Shaping and Understanding Behavior by

    Brooks Powers