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Administrative Regulations Manual & Procedures

Under Policy Governance®, within the directives and limitation listed in the Board Governance Policies, the Board delegates the development and implementation of Administrative Regulations and procedures to the Superintendent and staff, except in regard to issues for which they are mandated by law to take direct action. A comprehensive review and revision of all District policies and procedures was completed between August and December 2015, and the conversion to an Administrative Regulations Manual was completed on February 1, 2016.

Regulations establish legal records and standards of conduct for the school district. Regulations can provide a bridge between the School Board's philosophy and goals and the everyday administration of programs.

The Issaquah School District is continually updating Regulations and procedures to keep current with state laws and regulations as well as best practices. Regulations or procedures on this website may be in transition or in process of being revised.

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5000 - Human Resources

Volunteers Assisting a Coach Procedure - 5631P

Code: 5631P

Adopted: 9/22/2009

Last Revised Date: 9/22/2009

A. The following procedures will be used in recruiting volunteers for assisting a coach:

  1. The head coach, athletic director, and principal/designee determine the need for volunteers. Program needs and tasks and expectations of volunteers are specified.
  2. Those interested in volunteering will contact the athletic director.
  3. The athletic director outlines program needs and tasks and expectations with the volunteer.
  4. *The candidate for the volunteer position is interviewed by the head coach and athletic director.
  5. The head coach and athletic director, utilizing selection criteria, make a recommendation to the principal.
  6. If approved, the volunteer is notified by the principal/designee and given a written outline of tasks and expectations, including the provisions of A, B, and C of Regulation 5631.
  7. Volunteers must complete the Volunteer Checklist/Agreement Form 5630F2(A) and 5630F2(B), the Hold Harmless Agreement – Form 5630F1, and all required disclosure and background check forms prior to beginning any volunteer tasks. The Volunteer Checklist/Agreement and the Hold Harmless Agreement must be completed and signed on a yearly basis, and kept on file at the school.
  8. A follow-up memo is sent to the Director of Secondary Education indicating selection of volunteers and completion of all steps of this Procedure.

Each year the coach, athletic director, and principal/designee shall review the need for, and proposed use of, volunteers as outlined in Steps 1-3; select and recommend volunteers as outlined in Steps 5; ensure that all volunteers have completed and signed the Volunteer Checklist/Agreement as stated in Step 7; and notify the volunteers and central office administration regarding the selection of volunteers as described in Steps 6 and 8. If a volunteer has been performing successfully in the program and the coaching staff and the administration wish to continue his/her services, Step 4 does not need to be repeated on an annual basis. However, it is recommended that the coach and/or the administrators meet with each volunteer prior to the start of each season to review tasks and assignments as outlined in Step 6 and in the Volunteer Checklist/Agreement.

B. Criteria for Selection

  1. Playing and/or coaching experience in the particular sport, preferably on the level at which s/he is volunteering, i.e., high school sports or competition.
  2. Current knowledge of skill, techniques, and strategies related to the sport.
  3. Commitment to the educational and athletic philosophy of the total school program.
  4. Ability to work effectively with and motivate students.
  5. Availability for daily practices, contests, and coaches' meetings.
  6. Acceptance of the responsibilities and limitations of a volunteer in the program.
  7. Current CPR, Standard First Aid and/or Sports Medicine Injury Certificate.
  8. Selection priorities:
    1. Given equal qualifications, volunteers will be selected according to the following priorities:
      1. in-building staff,
      2. in-district staff, or
      3. community, including college students or alumni
    2. In general, it is preferred that volunteers not be parents of students involved in the sport.