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Alterations for the 2021-22 school year

Some of the regulations may not be in effect as written given current guidance and/or emergency rules from the state legislature, OSPI, the State Board of Education and other governing bodies. Please see our Returning to School 2021-22 FAQ page for more information on practices that may be altered at this time.

Administrative Regulations Manual & Procedures

Under Policy Governance®, within the directives and limitation listed in the Board Governance Policies, the Board delegates the development and implementation of Administrative Regulations and procedures to the Superintendent and staff, except in regard to issues for which they are mandated by law to take direct action. A comprehensive review and revision of all District policies and procedures was completed between August and December 2015, and the conversion to an Administrative Regulations Manual was completed on February 1, 2016.

Regulations establish legal records and standards of conduct for the school district. Regulations can provide a bridge between the School Board's philosophy and goals and the everyday administration of programs.

The Issaquah School District is continually updating Regulations and procedures to keep current with state laws and regulations as well as best practices. Regulations or procedures on this website may be in transition or in process of being revised.

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5000 - Human Resources

Administrative Internships - 5642

Code: 5642

Adopted: 9/24/1986

Last Revised Date: 8/29/2016

The Issaquah School District will cooperate with colleges and universities in providing appropriate internship experiences for certificated personnel who are seeking administrative credentials. Other internship opportunities within the district may be approved by the superintendent.

The District does not assume any responsibility for the placement of trainees into administrative positions by allowing candidates to participate in this program.

Acceptance into this program is contingent on the administrative intern securing an Issaquah School District building principal’s approval to supervise their internship in that principal’s building. Also required is approval by the Executive Director of Human Resources. Only those individuals securing this approval may be interns in the Auburn School District.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to

  1. make application in writing to the Executive Director of Human Resources with approval of the building principal by May 1st of the preceding year; and
  2. be available for a period of two weeks prior to school opening, two weeks after school closes, and be available before and after the regular school day.