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Alterations for the 2021-22 school year

Some of the regulations may not be in effect as written given current guidance and/or emergency rules from the state legislature, OSPI, the State Board of Education and other governing bodies. Please see our Returning to School 2021-22 FAQ page for more information on practices that may be altered at this time.

Administrative Regulations Manual & Procedures

Under Policy Governance®, within the directives and limitation listed in the Board Governance Policies, the Board delegates the development and implementation of Administrative Regulations and procedures to the Superintendent and staff, except in regard to issues for which they are mandated by law to take direct action. A comprehensive review and revision of all District policies and procedures was completed between August and December 2015, and the conversion to an Administrative Regulations Manual was completed on February 1, 2016.

Regulations establish legal records and standards of conduct for the school district. Regulations can provide a bridge between the School Board's philosophy and goals and the everyday administration of programs.

The Issaquah School District is continually updating Regulations and procedures to keep current with state laws and regulations as well as best practices. Regulations or procedures on this website may be in transition or in process of being revised.

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6000 - Administration and Management Support

Travel - 6213

Code: 6213

Adopted: 9/30/2009

Related Procedures:

Employee travel to and from professional meetings and travel otherwise required in the completion of duties shall be paid by the District in accordance with funds budgeted and available for such purpose. Travel supported by the District should provide a minimum interruption to classroom teaching and administrative function. Prudent judgment should be used in approving only those trips which provide an overall benefit to the Issaquah School District and its educational programs. Persons traveling on behalf of the Issaquah School District shall make a reasonable effort to travel in a manner which will result in the least expense to the District.

Travel requests must be submitted at least thirty (30) days in advance of departure unless extenuating circumstances make such requests infeasible. Travel requests must be approved by the staff member’s immediate supervisor. Out-of-state travel must be approved by the superintendent/designee.

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Legal References:

  • RCW 28A.320.050 Reimbursement of expenses of directors, superintendents, other School representatives, and superintendent candidates
  • 42.24.090 Municipal corporations and political subdivisions — Reimbursement claims by officers and employees — Detailed account — Travel allowances and allowances in lieu of actual expenses — Certification — Forms