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Calendar Survey 2020-21 and Beyond

Archived Polls 2006-2016

Surveys are a vitally important communication tool. The feedback and comments received on our surveys help us reflect and make improvements to our schools and our programs. Student, parent, and post-graduate surveys help us assess school climate, student and parent perceptions and beliefs, as well as identify issues affecting the learning environment. We appreciate our learning community taking time to participate!

Please note that participants' comments are generally not included in the public reports as these may contain personal information.

2020-21 School Year Reopening Surveys

In June and July 2020, the District issued surveys asking parents and community members to share their preference for fall reopening plans and potential scenarios.

Annual Family Survey

Each fall and spring, families are asked to provide feedback about their experiences and the experiences of their students in our schools. The results are used to guide improvements at both the school and district level. The survey asks respondents to give a letter grade to indicate district and school performance overall. Opportunities are given to offer comments and well as help us understand how best to communicate important information.

At Home Learning and Remote Teaching Thought Exchange Spring 2020

In order to learn from our community about what went well and what could be improved with our roll out of At Home Learning and Remote Teaching, the ISD launched a Thought Exchange at the end of May 2020. More than 3,000 individuals participated in this exchange providing valuable insights to help inform the District's planning and strategy for distance learning.

Community Calendar Survey 2019

In the Spring of 2019 following multiple school closure days due to weather conditions...

Curriculum Adoption Surveys

Curriculum Adoption Surveys are part of the District's curriculum adoption process. Prior to any material reviews, the District conducts this survey to gather feedback about families' experience in the relevant content area and grade level. After a committee review of the parent-survey data, publishers are invited to submit materials which are thoroughly analyzed against the committee's established criteria.

Elementary School Fifth Grade Student Exit Surveys

Each spring between May and June, fifth grade students are asked to complete a school Elementary School Exit Survey. Questions include how positive they feel their learning experience was, how prepared they feel academically and socially to enter middle school, and how connected and supported they feel by the school staff.

Middle School Eighth Grade Student Exit Surveys

Each spring between May and June, eighth grade students are asked to complete a school Middle School Exit Survey. Questions include how academically and socially prepared a student feels to enter high school, as well as their sense of being connected to their school and supported by the school staff.

High School Senior Exit Surveys

Each spring, between May and June, high school seniors are asked to complete a school High School Senior Exit Survey. Questions include satisfaction with the instruction and counseling support received, as well as feeling connected to school and supported by staff.

Post Graduate Surveys

One of the best ways to understand how well we have prepared our students for school, work, and life after high school is to ask them! Each December, the Issaquah School District surveys students from the graduating class to learn about their experiences and preparedness for life after high school.

Healthy Youth Survey

The Healthy Youth Survey is administered every other year as a joint effort of the state Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, Department of Health, Department of Social Health Service's Division of Alcohol and Substance Abuse, the Community Trade and Economic Development, and the Family Policy Council. The test is administered anonymously to sixth, eighth, tenth, and twelfth grade students in October. Questions focus on risky behaviors as well as safety and violence, physical activity and diet, and emotional well-being.

Bell Times Thought Exchange

In 2016, the Issaquah School District conducted a special kind of community survey called a Thought Exchange to elicit community feedback regarding its proposal for new school start and end times for the District. 

Sleep Surveys - National Study with Children's Hospital

After a comprehensive public process the ISD shifted in the fall of 2017 to have a later start time for secondary students. This decision was also based on new research on the sleep cycles of teens showing the benefit of later start times on student health and safety. As part of a national study on the impact of later start times, the ISD agreed to work in conjunction with UW Children's Hospital to survey parents and students at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. The first survey was conducted in May and June of 2017, prior to the change. The second survey was conducted in May and June of 2018. As data and reports become available, we will post the results here.

Calendar Survey 2020-21 and Beyond

Results from a community calendar survey regarding future school calendars and weather make-up days.

Archived Polls

Archived surveys conducted by Consumer Opinion Services 2006-2016.