Public vs. Private

Public College Applications are generally completed completely by the student. These applications do not generally include recommendations from either teachers or school staff. They will need is to know their official cumulative GPA, and have access to SAT or ACT scores but the rest of the application can be completed by the student and submitted directly to the college (usually online). Follow-up materials often will need to be sent to these schools include: an official transcript sent via (except UW for most students) and the official SAT/ACT score reports directly from the testing company. If a student has attended another school (high school or community college), they will want to send an official transcript directly from that school to the college in addition to the Issaquah High transcript.


Washington public colleges include: University of Washington, Washington State University, Western Washington University, Eastern Washington University, Central Washington University, and The Evergreen State College. 


NOTE: carefully read each application's requirement, as some other highly selective public colleges may require additional steps or may prefer you to report the grades from your transcript directly into their online application (University of Washington).


Private College Applications require all the same data as public schools and more.  What is generally required above and beyond a public application is a set of recommendations from counselors and/or teachers to make the case for a student’s academic and personal qualities. This means the student will most likely need to request that school personnel submit a “School/Counselor Report” recommendation and/or one or more “Teacher Report” recommendations. These confidential reports ask the school staff to rate the applicant in several areas, for example: leadership, academic potential, academic achievement, personal qualities, leadership, respect afforded by staff/peers, communication skills, creativity, self-confidence, concern for others and initiative.  The type of information being sought in a narrative format is the qualities a student has to offer beyond their academic profile numbers.


 Your counselor and any teachers who are assisting you with the application process will require time to complete their parts if required by your school -- provide notice equal to 10 or more school days for counselors, and 20 or more school days for teachers of your application and its upcoming deadline.  Last-minute requests will not move a student ahead of those who planned ahead.