Recommendations and Recommenders

As a part of some college admission or scholarship applications you will be required to provide one (or possibly more) letters of recommendation. In this situation our advice would be to consider who in the school knows you the very best. It is very important to understand what your application requires of you and to not send materials that are not needed.

If you are applying to a school/scholarship that requires a letter or letters from teachers/advisers/coaches/admin please read the following:

  • To request a letter -- your first pick may not be able to write your recommendation, so you need to ask, and then have a back-up plan in mind in case your first choice of teacher is not available.
  • Our advice on which teachers to ask -- ideally, it would be a teacher who has taught you for more than one semester as they already know you well and have been able to observe your college readiness.
  • Ask early -- give staff at least 20 school days ahead of your first due date.
  • Remember -- Letters are confidential, and generally submitted directly online. Students will not receive a copy of the recommendation. In the very rare case where a hard copy of a recommendation must be mailed in.

If you are applying to a school/scholarship that requires a secondary school report form to be submitted by your counselor please read the following:

  • Please complete a Student Recommendation form and return it with ample time for your report to be compiled before your application deadline – at least 10 school days prior to your deadline.

Prepare the following paperwork:

  • Copy of your Resume
  • Personal Essay: this is helpful for recommenders to reference to get a sense of what you are trying to communicate about yourself to your colleges/scholarships. Draft versions are acceptable to submit.

It is our intent to support your application process, and the process is your responsibility.