Echo Hybrid Handbook

          Echo Glen Hybrid Handbook




Dear Echo Glen School Families and DCYF staff:

This In-Person Hybrid Handbook has been created to let you know what COVID mitigation procedures will be in place and what the learning environment will be like at Echo Glen School as students return to in-person learning. Our district website contains additional resources on return to in-person learning and Health and Safety Plans. These are valuable resources that we hope you take time to review. They contain specific and detailed information about district-wide expectations, procedures, and protocols regarding safety in the hybrid setting.

You can access resources at

Thank you in advance for taking time to review our In-Person Hybrid Handbook. You will see that we have put forth great effort to ensure student and staff safety and to comply with Washington State and King County Department of Health guidelines and recommendations. We will continue to monitor updates and recommendations from the State and County Health Departments to stay current on our health and safety procedures and protocols.

Table of Contents

  • Classroom Environment
  • Attestation
  • Arrival Procedures/Temperature Taking
  • Hand Washing/Sanitizing
  • Daily Schedule
  • Lunch Procedures
  • Restrooms
  • Passing Time/Hallway Spacing
  • Water Fountain Use
  • Visitors/Volunteers
  • COVID Supervisor/Back-up Supervisor
  • Isolation
  • Mask Refusal
  • Dismissal
  • Attendance
  • Safety Drills

    Classroom Environment


    Upon return to in-person learning, students will find that some procedures and physical set up of the classrooms may look different to keep everyone healthy. What students and families will find to be the same as they have experienced in the past are warm welcoming teachers and staff who are eager to greet students each day, develop relationships, promote community building and social emotional learning, and provide quality instruction.

    To keep everyone healthy, below are some of the COVID mitigation procedures students can expect to see, and be asked to follow, in their classroom:

  • Students and all staff will wear masks at all times on campus.
  • The arrangement of student desks will look different than they may have experienced in the past. Classrooms are set up to support required 6 feet of physical distancing between students and staff, and between students who do not live together.
  • If there is space in the classroom, the teacher can choose to create a small group space, provided that the small group space still maintains recommended physical distance in the small group.
  • If multiple students use a table, such as during a small reading group lesson, the table will be disinfected between uses.
  • All desks and tables will be disinfected before and after use by the student or staff using them. DCYF approved wipes are provided in each classroom.
  • Coats, books, and any other personal items will be carried from class to class.
  • There will be no shared materials. Students will use their own supplies.
  • Frequent handwashing and hand sanitizing will occur.
  • Drinking fountains in classrooms will be closed. Disposable cups will be provided. Students are permitted to bring personal water bottle to class.


    In order to ensure students are healthy and free of any COVID symptoms, a daily health attestation will be required. An attestation is a form with questions about your student’s health. Each day DCYF staff/students will complete a daily attestation. The Principal or designee will review and checkoff completion to ensure all our students are in good health with no known symptoms or recent exposure to COVID.

  • The Principal or designee will verify all student attestations have been completed daily.
  • A student will not be permitted inside the school buildings without a completed attestation.

    Arrival Procedures/Temperature Checks

    To ensure social distancing on the walkways, cottages will remain in their designated line-up spots until student’s temperature checks are completed. Following completion of temperature checks, students will be excused from line-up spot to walk to the classroom.

    Walkway traffic will be staggered to ensure social distancing.

    For any classrooms used by more than one cottage, line-up spot release and classroom entry times will be staggered.

    Lower campus classrooms will line-up outside the classroom door to have temperature check’s taken.


    Hand Washing/Sanitizing

    Upon entering campus, before entering and leaving the classroom each period and after using the restroom students will wash/sanitize their hands.

    Daily Schedule

    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday (in person services)

    Wednesday (remote learning without ISD staff)

    Bell schedule found on school website .

    Lunch Procedures

    Students will follow existing DCYF lunch procedures including leaving the classroom with DCYF supervision to walk to lunch location and returning to the classroom after lunch.


    Restrooms in classrooms and school office will be cleaned by DCYF at least two times per week. Students will be permitted to go to the office restroom as needed, provided that all restroom procedures are followed.

    Classroom bathrooms will be closed.

    Classroom sinks for handwashing (located outside the bathroom) will be available for use.

    Passing Time/Hallway Spacing

    When walking through to and from the classrooms and school office, students will follow the designated walking paths and will remain 6 feet apart from those they do not live with.


    In order to provide the safest environment possible for our students and staff members, only students, ISD staff members, and DCYF staff members will be allowed in the building once in-person learning resumes. We love our volunteers and appreciate their amazing and supportive involvement. We cannot wait to welcome volunteers back into the building in the future. In the meantime, we will implement the following:

  • Volunteers and guests will not be allowed in the building. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
  • If you need assistance, or need to drop off or pick-up materials, please contact the main office to schedule an appointment.
  • Only ISD and DCYF approved visitors will be allowed on campus.
  • We will not be inviting special guests, guest speakers, volunteers or other community members to the school.

    COVID Supervisor/Back-up Supervisor

    Each building in the district has a COVID Supervisor. This person’s role is to oversee all COVID protocols and to work with district administration on COVID mitigation during in-person learning. The COVID Supervisor is the school principal. The backup COVID Supervisor is another ISD support personnel.

    Echo Covid Supervisor:  LaShae Lee, Principal

    Echo Covid Supervisor Backup:  Donna Hood, Executive Director of High Schools


    If a student does not have the daily health attestation which allows them to enter the building or if a student starts experiencing COVID or COVID like symptoms during the school day, DCYF staff will be contacted to return the student to the cottage or Health Center. The student will be evaluated for exposure, diagnosis, and symptoms. The COVID Supervisor(s) will work with DCYF staff around next steps and what needs to occur for a student to return to school.

    Mask Refusal

    All students and staff are required to wear a mask. However, if a student refuses to wear a mask, they will be asked to leave the classroom to discuss the problem with a Principal or designee. If there is an issue with a student’s mask, a disposable mask can be provided to them. If a student has a documented medical condition preventing them from wearing a mask, please notify the office immediately.


    Before leaving campus, students will wash/sanitize their hands and use DCYF approved and provided wipes to clean their workstations. Students will leave the building out of their designated exit and will walk to their next location with DCYF permission and supervision.


    Safety Drills

    Safety drills will be conducted monthly.  In the event of an evacuation drill, teachers and staff will guide students to have distance between them in line as they walk silently.  Once outside, staff will help students maintain 6 feet of distance as well as follow all regular evacuation rules.  In the event of a true emergency, the safety of lives will take precedence over social distancing.