Emergency Information

Emergency Procedures for Parents

Fire and Evacuation Drill

  • Initiated by alarm.
  • Immediately evacuate building in an orderly manner.
    • If in a classroom…please follow the class and staff member outside.
    • If in the hallways, etc., exit at the nearest door.
  • All visitors and volunteers check-in with staff next to covered play area. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE WITHOUT checking out with the office staff.

Earthquake Drill

  • Initiated by shaking or intercom announcement.
  • Drop, Cover and Hold.
  • If this is a drill…there will be an intercom announcement stating:
    “This is an earthquake drill.”
  • After the drill…we will vacate the building via an intercom announcement.
  • Follow evacuation procedures.


  • If this is the real thing…no alarm or announcement, we will feel it.
  • After the shaking stops, exit the building the same as a fire (drill).
  • If the intercom is working, we will use it to vacate the building.
  • If not, we will use the fire alarm to vacate the building.
  • All staff, students, visitors, and volunteers meet outside on the field.

During a Lockdown

  • Do not attempt to visit Endeavour during a lockdown. All doors will be locked and only emergency personnel will be allowed in the building until the site is secured.
  • Modified Lockdowns are initiated as a precaution if police activity is in the area, or if an animal has been sighted near the school.
  • As per new district policy, in a true lockdown situation each staff member has the authority to make the best decision for their students (stay in classroom or leave the building).

After a Lockdown or any Emergency Dismissal

  • Please do not arrive on campus and attempt to remove your child without office clearance.
  • In any emergency dismissal, all students must be accounted for and cleared through our emergency dismissal process.
  • The only door open to our community will be the office door. An incident command center will be set up for any emergency dismissal.