Family Access Troubleshooting

Family Access gives parents and students on-line access to student information, including test scores, attendance records, class schedules, and immunization records. Parents can verify on-line that the emergency contact and personal information for their student(s) is correct.

Setting up/Logging in to your Family Access Account

Upon completed student registration and submittal of your e-mail address, you may request your Login and Password for your Family Access account.

  1. Go to Family Access
  2. Click on “Forgot your login or password?”
  3. Type in your e-mail address; click “Submit” (Note: The e-mail address you type in here must match the e-mail address on file in the school office and in Family Access.)
  4. Check your e-mail inbox for a message containing your Login and Password. (Note: Your Login is NOT your e-mail address.)
  5. Once you receive your Login and Password, repeat Steps 1-3 above; type in your Login and Password at the prompt.

Updating Information/Changing Your Password in Family Access

You may change your Password or update your e-mail address in Family Access. Updates to your personal information (i.e., phone number, address, emergency contacts, immunization records, etc.) must be made by one of the school office professionals.

The Link between Family Access and E-News

Important: Please make sure that your e-mail address in Family Access is correct.

Besides being used to e-mail your password to you if you forget, all e-mail addresses are uploaded into Endeavour and School District E-News lists three times each school year. These e-mail addresses are one channel the District will use to contact parents in an emergency and provide a means for teachers to correspond with parents about their student.

Troubleshooting Tips

Are you having trouble logging on to Family Access? Some troubleshooting tips are outlined below. If you continue to have problems, contact the school office, 425-837-7350.

Q: I’ve never used Family Access before. How do I request my Login and Password?

A: Refer to Steps 1-4 outlined above.

Q: I had a Login and Password at one time, but I forgot what they are. How can I get them?

A: Refer to Steps 1-4 outlined above.

Q: I requested my Login and Password by typing in my email address, but I got a message that says, “No Matching email account has been found.” What do I do now?

A: You will need to contact the school office, 425-837-7350, to verify that the e-mail address in your Family Access account matches the one you are typing in at the prompt.

Q: I typed my Login and Password in when prompted to do so, but I couldn’t log on. What’s going on?

A: Be sure you are typing in your Login correctly. Typically, your Login consists of the first 5 letters of your last name + the first 3 letters of your first name + 3 numbers (usually three zeros.) If your last name contains fewer than 5 letters or your first name contains fewer than 3 letters, you must type in enough blank spaces to equal five spaces or three spaces, respectively. Also, be sure you are typing zeros at the end – that’s the number zero, not the letter “O”.

Examples of Family Access Login’s:

  • If your name is Jane Swanson, your Login would be “SWANSJAN000”.
  • If your name is Jane Swan, your login would be "SWAN JAN000". (Note: You must type in one blank space between the “N” and the “J”.
  • If your name is He Xu, your login would be "XU   HE 000". (Note: There are three blank spaces between the “U” and the “H”; and there is one blank space between the “E” and the three zero’s.)

Q: I have more than one child who attends Endeavour, but I can view only one child’s information. Do I need separate Family Access accounts for each child?

A: No. Parents should be able to view all of their children’s information using one Login and Password. In order to do so, siblings and parents must be “linked” to the same family within Family Access. Call the school office, 425-837-7350, to be sure your family is “linked” properly.


For questions about Family Access logins or to update information other than your password or e-mail address, contact the school office at 425-837-7350.