Parking & Traffic Safety

Transportation Information

For bus issues or questions, please contact the Transportation Department at 425-837-6330.

Bus Loading Zone

The bus loading/unloading zone at Endeavour is at the front of the school. The bus loading zone is FOR BUSES ONLY.  Do not drive or park cars in this area during the morning drop-off or afternoon pick-up times. Parking in the bus zone is allowed after school and during evening events.  We ask that parents who are dropping children off for school or picking students up, park in a designated parking space in the main parking lot in front of the school or pull as far forward as possible in the Student Loading/ Unloading Area. Please remind children to use crosswalks and sidewalks for their safety.

Bus Passes

Written parental permission is required for students to get off the bus at a stop other than their regular stop. Students wishing to ride the bus home with a friend or take a different bus for daycare purposes must have a signed note from a parent. The note may be sent to the office and/or teacher and should include the following information: full names of both the student and the person they will be riding with, the bus number they will be on, the day (or dates) they will be riding the bus, and the name of the teacher of the student requesting the pass. School protocol does not allow students to call home to make arrangements to go home with another student. Prior arrangements must be made from home, and a permission slip for the bus pass must be sent to school with the child requesting the pass.

Parking Lot Safety

When picking up or dropping off children, please observe Endeavour’s Parking Lot safety plan:

  • Turn off cell phones and give full attention to safety.
  • Pull forward as far north as possible along the Student Load/Unload area.
  • Do not double-park when dropping off or picking up children. Circle around if necessary.
  • Remind your child to enter and exit on the curbside of your vehicle only after you have come to a full stop.
  • Vehicles are permitted only in front of the school building for safety reasons.
  • Students are supervised by Endeavour staff 10 minutes before and 10 minutes after school only, so please BE ON TIME to keep your children safe.
  • Obey all signs, student patrols, school personnel directing traffic, and use crosswalks.
  • Due to safety concerns with Issaquah-Fall City Road, children are not allowed to walk or ride bikes, skateboards, scooters or rollerblades to school.

Vehicle Drop-Off Procedures

  • Vehicles entering the parking lot should proceed to the drop-off lane and pull all the way forward (at a safe speed) to line up directly behind the car in front of them. Please keep children buckled until you have stopped.
  • If the drop-off lane is full, continue around to the next parking lane and wait in line until you are directed into the drop-off lane by an EA OR pull around to the lower lot and lower lot drop off zone (for students in grade 3-5 only) AM DROP OFF ONLY.
  • Once you have pulled up as far as possible, students can then unbuckle, and quickly exit the vehicle on the sidewalk side only. As you are pulling up, please be sure to watch for pedestrians and not block the crosswalk.
  • Once dropped off, students can walk to their assigned line-up location.
  • Drivers can pull out of the drop-off lane and exit the parking lot.

Tips for Keeping Traffic Moving, Minimizing Congestion and Ensuring the Safety of Our Children

  • While in the drop-off lane, drivers should not open the driver-side doors or get out of their vehicle to assist students.  This causes delays for others. If your children need additional help exiting the vehicle, please park in an appropriate location and walk them to the building.
  • Prior to entering the parking lot, please be organized so your children can quickly exit the vehicle once you have come to a complete stop in the drop-off lane. Do not enter the drop-off lane if students are not ready to exit. Instead, circle around again, and enter the lane when they are ready.
  • The inner lane (Thru Traffic), next to the drop-off lane, can only be used for vehicles circling around or exiting the parking lot.  It is unsafe for vehicles to enter the drop-off lane from this point by cutting in front of others already in line.
  • Vehicles cannot be left unattended, for any reason, in the drop-off lane during drop-off times.