"Endeavour To Do Your Best"

Expectations Logo

At Endeavour, our school wide expectations are:

Be respectful

Be responsible

Be safe

Be a learner

Throughout the year teachers and staff give out Endeavour Cards to recognize students who are following the school wide expectations.  Each week teachers report how many cards their class earned and a staff member records the points on a bulletin board by the lunchroom.  Each class works together to earn points towards all school rewards such as, PJ Day, all school movie, extra recess, etc.  The bulletin board is a great visual reminder of everyone’s hard work and a positive way to reinforce the school expectations.  The kids also enjoy seeing the points they have earned and are regularly reminded of what we are working towards as a school.

We also have posters up around different parts of the building so students know what the expected behavior is everywhere they go.  Teachers help reinforce expectations by reviewing as needed, making goals as a class around the school wide expectations, and teaching Second Step lessons that help with students social emotional needs.