Other 5th grade dates:

Monday, June 15th: Promotion at 1:00 p.m.

Tuesday, June 16th: Party at Beaver Lake Park

5th Grade Camp Information

5th Grade Camp

5th graders will go to Camp Colman Wednesday, April 22nd to Friday, April 24th. 


What forms do I have to return? DUE BY FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 14TH 

  • Pink forms - All the forms that are colored pink must be returned. These include: ISD permission slips, YMCA permission confirmation sheet, Confidential health form, Camp Colman behavior expectations form, t-shirt order form, "How is your child getting home?" form
  • White pages - for your information only - you may keep those
  • Yellow form - optional/ All medications require a doctor's signature on the yellow form. (This includes over the counter medications.)

Camp Colman








water-activity-form 2020

Required Health Form

Colman Release of Liability

Camp Parent Presentation Packet

ropes-course 2020

District permission slip

Camp Behavior Expectations 2020

How are you getting home 20

Yellow Optional Medication is not available electronically - please check with your child's teacher or the school nurse for this form