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Reading Foundational Skills Curriculum Adoption Preview & Dyslexia Parent Engagement Forum

  • Dates: 24 – 24 Feb, 2021

The Issaquah School District is reaching the conclusion of a 2-year process of selecting new curriculum to teach K-5 reading foundational skills. This curriculum adoption process is designed to select assessments and instructional materials to meet the following learning needs:

  • Early identification of reading difficulties. This adoption includes the selection of a literacy screener to identifying reading difficulties associated with dyslexia.
  • Core curriculum for teaching phonics, phonological awareness and developing reading fluency.
  • Evidence based, general education interventions to address the learning needs of students with dyslexia or reading difficulties associated with dyslexia.

On February 24th, from 6:30-8:00 p.m. Teaching and Learning Services will be hosting a virtual curriculum adoption preview. During this event staff, ISD families and community members are invited to join us for the following:

  • A short presentation providing an overview of the adoption finalist materials and how those materials are designed to address identified learning needs.
  • Virtual preview of finalist materials – browse at your own pace.
  • Breakout sessions on specific frequently asked questions and topics related to the adoption of these materials.
  • An opportunity to provide feedback to the adoption team and Teaching and Learning staff prior to the final selection of new instructional materials.

The virtual event is limited to 300 active participants. The material review and feedback form will be posted on our web page for additional participants to access. The overview presentation will be pre-recorded and posted.

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