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Highly Capable Program Referral Window

  • Dates: 01 – 15 Sep, 2021

Referrals of students to determine possible eligibility for the Highly Capable Program will be accepted online on the Highly Capable Program web page beginning September 1 through September 15.

Students may be referred by parents or other individuals, including teachers, other staff, or a member of the community. Students in 1st and 3rd grade through 12th grade can be referred. The following exceptions will apply:

  1. Referrals will not be accepted for students who participated in Issaquah School District Highly Capable testing in the previous school year.
  2. Referrals will not be accepted for kindergarten students because they will be screened this fall to determine eligibility for further testing for possible selection into the Highly Capable Program.
  3. Referrals for current 1st grade students are only accepted for those newly enrolled to the school district. (All enrolled Kindergarten students were internally screened last spring and will be fully tested in second grade.)
  4. Referrals for 2nd grade students will not be accepted because testing for these students will occur mid-year.
  5. Referrals will be accepted for current 3rd grade students who did not take the CogAT Screener Test or participate in full highly capable testing in the Issaquah School District during the 2020-2021 school year.

Individuals making a referral must use the District provided online referral form. Please submit only one referral per student. The District’s referral procedure may include screening procedures as allowed by state statute.