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  • What Every Parent Wants to Know about the Issaquah School District - February 1, 2018 at 6:30pm-8:30pm, Issaquah Valley Elementary

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“If only my parents had had this information when we moved here from the Philippines, my life would have been much easier as a student.” - Ligaya Peterson



Here are some of the Family Partnership Team members. We represent China, Korea, Mexico, Colombia, India, Denmark, and more cultures and backgrounds.

What is the Issaquah School District Family Partnership Team?

The ISD Family Partnership Team is a group of parents and district employees who work together to support students’ success by supporting families.  

  • We help families understand and navigate our school system.  
  • We seek to connect with families and offer resources in their home languages.
  • We host a few district-wide events throughout the year. 

What does Family Partnership mean to parents?

It means supporting your child in many ways. Here are some ideas:

  • Discuss school work or new learning with your child. “What did you learn today?”
  • Talk to or read with your child in your home language. Help your child maintain their home language.
  • Connect with other families to get important information and build friendships - through PTSA events, social media, neighborhood friendships, and friends who speak your language(s).
  • Build a positive relationships with your child’s teacher(s) and principal
  • Ask the school/teacher how you can help or volunteer in the school

Why is Family-School partnership important?  

Research says:

  • Your student will do better in school and get better grades
  • Your student will have better school attendance
  • Your student will be more prepared for class
  • Your high school student will earn more credits
     (Research from Catsambis, 2001 and Simon, 2004)


Below are some resources that will help you:

  1. Translated documents and resources for families: 
  2. Transportation – find your school and bus route
  3. Email Assistance (en Español, in Chinese) – How to sign up for an email address, District e-news, get email app on phone, change the language on your email
  4. Family Access/Skyward Assistance (en Español, in Chinese) – How to sign up for Skyward (Family Access), change the language on Skyward, and how to get the Family Access app on your phone
  5. What Every Parent Wants to Know about the US School System.
    - Elementary
    - Middle School
    High School
  6. English Language Learner Program information here.

Cultural Bridges Magazine

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The Cultural Bridges for Education Program is a family engagement strategy that serves as a bridge of communication between the Issaquah School District and parents who were not born in America. Cultural Bridges helps families overcome language and cultural barriers and empowers them to become a part of our community while helping their kids be successful in school. Cultural Bridges is sponsored by the Issaquah Schools Foundation.

Fall 2017


Parent Guide



This past school year we held two events to share information with parents about Elementary, Middle and High School. What Every Parent Wants to Know About the Issaquah School District was held in Fall 2016 and Spring 2017. Interpreters and free childcare were provided. Parents and families ate food, learned important information and got their questions answered.  Kids had fun in the gym with games, activities and art. Our next event - What Every Parent Wants to Know About the Issaquah School District – will be held in February 2018. 

Click below on your child's school level for information shared during the event:

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Rosann Rankin
Equity and Family Partnerships Specialist
Works Tuesdays, Thursdays and some Fridays. 
                     Marisol Visser
Cultural Bridges Program Manager
Issaquah Schools Foundation

Lorna Gilmour
Equity and Family Partnerships Specialist ISD


Issaquah School District Family Partnership Team