Accessing Information in Other Languages

Video Script - Accessing Information In Other Languages

Issaquah School District 2020-2021

The Issaquah School District is committed to supporting all our families. To ensure, fewer barriers for families and students to access information for student achievement, the ISD is providing multiple ways for families to access information from the school.

The Issaquah School District webpage along with each school’s webpages provide families with important information, links, and resources.

Some key links include the school year calendar, quick link to each school’s website, link to teacher directory and link to their learning management systems Canvas and Clever (webpage), events and important dates.

A very important link during the school year is the Student Portal link that Kindergarten to fifth grade students will use to access Clever every school day or Canvas for grades 6-12 to start their daily learning activities this year.

The Webpage is accessible for use in over 50 languages using the Google translate bar on the top of the page. Click on “select language” and a drop-down menu will allow you to read the website in the language best suited to your language preference. This feature also works on each of the school’s webpages.

Another important method of communication is subscribing and reading the Enews.

On the blue menu bar near the top of the page, select “News” and click on “Enews.” This page will allow you to subscribe to the Issaquah School District newsletters and newsletters sent by all schools in the district. Enews letters are important ways that the district communicates with families. It provides information and events coming up such as Meet the Teacher date, curriculum night information, information and updates on regarding clubs and sports or other activities happening at the school.

The Enews may go into your Junk-mail. Please mark Enews sent by the school and district as “safe senders” so you do not miss these communications.

Once you receive the enews in your email. Click on the enews and the newsletter will open up in another window. One the right side of the window, you will find an “Accessibility” tab. This tab allows you to change the font size of the newsletter or the language you can read the newsletter. You can select the language you prefer to read the newsletter. There are over 50 language choices.

The Issaquah School district also provides translated documents in Spanish, Chinese and Korean for important forms and documents. Please check with your school or office if a translated form or document is available.

Families can also speak to teacher or other staff members in their preferred language of communication at no cost to the family. In meeting or calling staff to discuss your child’s academic or social-emotional wellbeing, you can also request for an interpreter. Please send your child’s teacher or the staff member an email and request that they call you on the phone or for a meeting in your language. Interpreters are available at no cost to the family. Good communication with teachers and staff is very important to the academic success of our children.

Example of an email to request a phone call:

Ms. Sividasan

I need to talk to you with an interpreter about my daughter/son. Please call me at ______________ with a Korean interpreter.

Thank you,

Lorna Gilmour

Example of an email to request a Zoom meeting with an interpreter:

Mrs. Sivadasan,

I would like to meet with you. I need a Chinese interpreter for our meeting.

Please email me at ____(your email address)_________ or call me at _______________ to set up a meeting.

Thank you

Lorna Gilmour

You may also call one of the Family Partnership Liaisons to help you connect with a teacher or staff member. We have liaisons that speak Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, Hindi and Marathi in addition to English. The liaisons are also well trained in speaking to families using interpreters for languages they do not speak.

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