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中译文文件 (Chinese Documents)

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Chinese Translations

General Information ǀ General Information

  • 学校术语解释 ǀ Dictionary of School Terms
  • 家长培训讲义 ǀ Parent Training Handout
  • 幼儿园时间表 ǀ Kindergarten Timeline
  • 小學英語語言學習者 (ELL) 計劃‌ ǀ Elementary ELL Program
  • 中學 英語語言學習者 (ELL) 計劃 ǀ Secondary ELL Program
  • 2017-2018学区日历表 ǀ 2017-2018 District Calendar
  • 教育局主任关于暂缓遣返的声明 ǀ Superintendent DACA Statement
  • 家庭伙伴关系资料 ǀ Family Partnership Resources
  • 家庭登录/报告卡/家长教师会议 ǀ Family Access/Report Cards/Parent Teacher Conferences

    • 如何报名参加家长教师会议 ǀ How to Sign Up for Parent Teacher Conferences
    • 如何准备家长老师见面会 ǀ Prepare for Parent Teacher Conferences
    • 使用其他语言访问Skyward ǀ Accessing Skyward in Other Languages
    • 点击这里,获得关于您家学生报告卡的信息,包括参考指南 ǀ Click here for information on your student’s report card, including reference guide

    学区项目 ǀ District Programs

    • 面向幼儿园学生家庭:关于高能力项目的信息 ǀ Information about the Highly Capable Program for Families of Kindergarten Students
    • 二年级学生家庭:关于高能力项目的信息 ǀ Information about the Highly Capable Program for Families of Second Grade Students
    • 登记信息 ǀ Registration Information

      Student Interventions Information ǀ Student Interventions Information

      Issaquah School District Regulations ǀ Issaquah School District Regulations