Remote Learning Information in Other Languages

ISD Remote Learning Management Systems (LMS)

The Issaquah School District will be using Clever and Canvas as the Learning Management System for the school year.

Clever – Learning Management System (LMS) for all K-5 students

  • Students start the school day by logging into Clever.
  • Clever is the portal to use Seesaw and Microsoft Teams
  • Students will also be able to access Zearn, BrainPop and other apps used in schools.
  • Students will be able to connect with their “specialist” teachers such as the music teacher, PE teacher and school librarian via the Clever portal.
  • Through Clever students will be able to
    • Access links to participate in live and recorded lessons
    • Schedules
    • Direct links to learning activities
    • Teacher Contact information
    • Helpful resources from teacher

For more information visit ISD Elementary School Digital information website

Canvas LMS for grades 6 to 12

  • Middle and High school students start the school day by logging into Canvas.
  • Grades 6-12 students should log into Canvas and set up their account before September 1.
  • Teachers will guide students on how to use Canvas the first few weeks of school.
  • Resources on how to use Canvas
  • Students will find all their classes on the Canvas Dashboard (August 28th for middle school students)
  • Through Canvas, students will be able to:
    • Access teacher information, course syllabus and class expectations
    • Participate in live stream lessons
    • View recordings of missed live sessions and instructional videos
    • Locate and access course assignment information and instructions to complete and turn in assignments
    • View a single calendar with due dates for all classes

Support students by creating short cuts to the Clever or Canvas portal on the computer/laptop they will be using to access their daily learning.

Links to Clever and Canvas

The district website has a direct link to Clever and Canvas.
Student links to Clever and Canvas can also be found on the school websites.
Students can also find the link to Canvas or Clever by visiting their teacher website listed in the staff directory in the school website or district directory.
All links direct students to the ISD Student Portal for Clever or Canvas pages with a link to the login.
Middle school students should login to Canvas starting on August 28th to verify their account and see their class schedule.
Students should bookmark this page along with the Canvas and Clever sites for easy access to “school” everyday.

Student Username and Password

Username for Canvas, Clever, Office 365 and Classlink

  • First four letters of last name
  • First three letters of first name
  • Last two numbers of graduation year
  • Example:
    • John Smith, senior (SmitJoh21)
    • Lisa Lo, freshman (LoLis24)
    • May Jo-Lee, graduating in 2030 (JoleMay30)

Passwords for Clever, Office365 and ClassLink

Student passwords have been reset to the 7-digit student ID number this year for ALL students.
Student ID numbers that begin with a zero (0) must include the 0.
ISD Student ID number (can be found in Family Access)

The password is the student ID number for all ISD assigned laptops, Office365 (Outlook and Teams), ClassLink and Clever.

Password for Canvas

*Canvas Passwords: The 7-digit student ID number followed by ISD (in capital letters).
*Canvas Password Example: 1234567ISD
*Canvas Login is same as directions listed above this year, no need to include ISD for Canvas Login Username.

Student ID number can be found on previous year's ASB card or in Family Access.

Student ID number can be found in Family Access on the blue menu bar on the left titled Student Info.

The number is listed under Other ID.

Accessing Office 365 and Teams from Clever or Canvas

  • Students grades K to 12 have an Office365 account.
  • Students can access your Office 365 account from Clever or Canvas.

Username: Clever username followed by  

  • Examples: for Josh Moore who will graduate in 2025:
  • For student Jo Lee who will graduate in 2025:

Password: Student ID# listed in Family Access

Office365 gives the students access to email via Outlook, save files and share them with teachers via OneDrive, use Word, Excel and PowerPoint to create documents for school. Some teachers will meet with students or ask students to meet in small groups using Teams.

Technology support – Learning Management Systems (LMS)

  • Teachers will help students navigate and understand how to use Clever, Canvas, Teams and other LMS needed for their classes.
  • These are new platforms. Teachers, students, and parents are all learning together.
  • Teachers will begin the school year by teaching students HOW to use the technology for them to be successful in learning remotely before they start teaching content lessons.
  • Later in September, once Canvas and Clever has been taught to students by the teachers, students and parents will have additional resources and supports as needed to get help in using the LMS.
  • Check with the classroom teacher if your child needs help in using the LMS such as Clever, Canvas, Seesaw, Teams, etc
  • If your child needs help with logging into Canvas or other questions regarding Canvas on or after September 1st, please email
  • Visit the district website for additional resource

Technology Support – Laptops and Hotspots

  • Technical problems with the laptop (cannot log-in, other device problems) – call the ISD IT department at 425-837-6371 (interpreter available if needed)
  • Problem with the Internet hotspot provided by the ISD - Call T-Mobile's Technical Support: 1-800-375-1126 for general questions & troubleshooting.
  • If device is defective, call IT department- 425-837-6371.
  • If you did not request a laptop during Online Enrollment Verification Process (EVP/BTSCI/RSVP), please email to request a laptop or hotspot. The ISD Tech department will send information on how to sign up for a laptop or hotspot as soon as more equipment is available. This is not a method to make an equipment reservation but to receive information in the near future on how to do so.