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Improved Nutrition

Issaquah School District's Food Service staff has made nutritional improvements to the student lunch program over the past few years.

In elementary schools those improvements include:
  • Adding two daily vegetarian entree options:
    1. Yogurt, muffin, string cheese, milk, fresh fruits/vegetables of the day, and dessert.
    2. A baked potato from a potato bar served with milk and dessert.
  • Adding salad bars that include at least two fresh fruits, two fresh vegetables, tossed salad with dressing, a canned fruit, and other items such as pasta or potato salad, hard boiled eggs, dried fruits, and sunflower seeds.
  • Eliminating sales of all snack items.
Highlights of improvements made at the secondary level include:
  • Eliminating all oversized cookies and baked goods.
  • Limiting all ala carte items(with the exception of pizza) to 250 calories or less per serving.
  • Eliminating all sugary drinks and offering only water, vitamin water, 100% juice drinks and Gatorade.
  • Eliminating the large size chocolate milks which were very popular but contain over 400 calories.
  • Selling only multi-grain, baked, and reduced fat chips.
  • Offering what has become a very popular "Grab and Go" salad option daily including Chef, Sante Fe, Sesame Noodle and Chicken Caesar salads.
  • Adding deli sandwiches daily.
  • Offering salad and finishing bars where students can help themselves to unlimited amounts of fruits, vegetables, and salad.
  • Baking rolls with a combination of whole wheat and white flour instead of just white flour.
  • Serving hamburger buns made from whole wheat instead of white flour.