Important forms and information for middle and high school student athletes.

Playing on an athletic team and representing our schools helps students build pride in our community and work together for a common goal. Important life lessons are taught in the athletic "classroom"—teamwork, effort, respect, and commitment. These skills contribute directly to the District's End learning goal in the area of life management. Our athletic programs focus on having students compete with honor and good sportsmanship while developing a commitment to an active lifestyle, friendships, and memories.

Sports and Activities

The Issaquah School District is committed to promoting equal athletic opportunities for both boys and girls attending our schools as outlined in Title IX. As part of the District's ongoing review of athletic and activities co-curricular programs, we consider input from students and parents. If you would like to propose the addition of a sport or activity, the following documents describe the process for co-curricular changes or requests.

  • Add athletic program
  • To Add an Activity: 
    • Elementary School – Contact Principal at your Elementary School 
    • Middle School – Contact ASB Advisor or Principal/Assistant Principal at your Middle School 
    • High School – Contact the ASB Activity Coordinator at your High School