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The KingCo Conference has made the determination that while the WIAA has announced Season 1 sports beginning on February 1,  KingCo schools will not be starting our sports seasons on that date. The KingCo Athletic Directors, in concert with the KingCo Principals and the KingCo Board of Directors, are in the process of developing a plan for sport participation opportunities to begin on March 1, 2021, as conditions and regional metrics allow.


WIAA Executive Board Revises Season 1 Sports in Response to State Guidelines

RENTON, Wash. (Jan. 6, 2021) – The WIAA Executive Board voted to amend its season schedule on Wednesday, moving traditional fall sports to WIAA Season 1 while choosing to review Seasons 2 and 3 at its Jan. 19 meeting.

WIAA Season 1 will span seven weeks in length, beginning with pre-competition practices on Feb. 1 and ending on March 20. The sports scheduled for that season include cross country, football, golf (alternate), slowpitch softball, girls and 1B/2B boys soccer, girls swim and dive, tennis (alternate) and volleyball.

The change comes after Gov. Jay Inslee announced on Tuesday the “Healthy Washington — Roadmap to Recovery” plan which outlined a new set of guidelines and metrics for the resumption of education-based athletics and activities in Washington. Sports will maintain their previously assigned risk levels; however, the level of participation for each activity will vary in Phase 1 or Phase 2.

“The change in guidelines allow all traditional fall sports to be played in Phase 2 while we still do not have a clear pathway to the high risk indoor activities of basketball, competitive cheer and dance, and wrestling” said WIAA Executive Director Mick Hoffman. “With that in mind, moving fall sports to Season 1 will hopefully provide the most opportunities to participate.”

While the Executive Board will provide a uniform season schedule concluding in regional culminating events, it has granted each WIAA league or district around the state the ability to reschedule seasons to best fit their local communities.

WIAA staff will continue to work with the Department of Health to gain more clarity surrounding the guidelines that were issued on Jan. 5.

“We are hoping to receive more details that were not included in the Governor’s announcement on Tuesday, particularly surrounding indoor sports and activities,” Hoffman said. “As we continue to gather more information and evaluate the new metrics, the Board will be able to make better decisions about the remainder of the year.”

In addition to changing the sports scheduled for WIAA Season 1, the Board voted to extend the open coaching period at each school up until the day before the first season begins at that school.


WIAA Season 1

Previous WIAA Updates:

WIAA Covid Rate Tracking: 

Executive Board Alters WIAA Season Schedule

RENTON, Wash. - The WIAA Executive Board voted Tuesday to amend the current season schedule for the remainder of the 2020-21 school year, opting to delay the start of WIAA Season 2 to February 1 and shorten each WIAA Season to seven weeks in length.

WIAA Season 2, which consists of traditional winter sports, is scheduled to begin with practices on February 1 (January 25 for gymnastics) and end with a Regional culminating event on March 20. WIAA Season 3, which consists of traditional fall sports is now scheduled to begin on March 15 (March 8 for football) and end on May 1. WIAA Season 4, which consists of traditional spring sports, will begin with practices on April 26 and conclude on June 12.

The decision comes in light of surging COVID-19 cases around the state, putting in jeopardy the ability to begin WIAA Season 2 which was scheduled to begin on December 28.

While the Executive Board approved the framework for each WIAA season, flexibility remains at the local level due to the protocols approved at the November 2 meeting. If less than 50 percent of schools in a classification are able to compete in a sport, in accordance with Department of Health Guidelines, the Executive Board will make an adjustment to the scheduled season in order to allow the chance for greater participation.

Due to the delay of WIAA Season 2 the Board voted to approve an extension of the WIAA Open Coaching Window to January 23. The window allows for coaches in all sports to work with student-athletes in the same fashion as the summer coaching window.

The full WIAA Season schedule can be found here.


Impact of Four-Week Restrictions on Education-Based Athletics

 RENTON, Wash. - The latest proclamation from the Governor’s Office on November 15 directed schools to halt all indoor extracurricular activities for the next four weeks. An exception to this policy was made for the use of pools, which will remain accessible even with the new indoor restrictions.

The Governor’s Office will allow outdoor activities with facial coverings required at all times, including during participation in a practice or scrimmage. Low and moderate risk sports may hold intra-squad scrimmages while high risk sports are still limited to pods of six or less.

The complete guidance document has been updated on the WIAA website to reflect these changes and can be found here.



9-28-2020 Attention Parents of High School Athletes:

As you are aware, our district is now providing district e-mail addresses for each ISD student.  For consistency purposes, we will also now be using your student’s district supplied e-mail address as their e-mail in our new athletic registration software FinalForms.  This changeover will take place on 10/5/2020.  If your student does not participate in sports, no further action is required and your student may ignore any e-mails received from FinalForms.  If your student has already signed up for sports or will in the future, they can check their district e-mail for an account confirmation from FinalForms.  Student e-mails are necessary in FinalForms because there are some forms in the registration process that require a student signature.  This update will not change any forms that are already completed; your registration status will not be impacted. 

More information about district issued student email including instructions on how to login may be found here on the district website . 

Please note:  this change does not affect parent FinalForms accounts or parent e-mail addresses in FinalForms.  Those will remain unchanged. 


Athletics Update Fall 2020

Together with our fellow King Co member schools and districts and following the Board’s July 30th decision to start the school year in a fully remote way, we have made the decision to offer athletics beginning in Season 2 and continuing in Season 3 and 4 this year provided that the conditions are safe enough to do so.  There will be no athletics offered in Season 1.  Instead, Season 1 sports have been moved into other seasons per the current WIAA guidance.  The WIAA has made its alternative calendars publicly available and you can read them at wiaa.com.  The start date for Season 2 is December 28th.  We have yet to determine whether or not we can offer the out of season athletics opportunities that could be allowed beginning September 28th.  This decision will largely depend on the input and guidance we receive from our local department of health as well as the infection rates and phasing provided by our Governor.  Please stay tuned for more on that.  I also want to say thank you to the staff, students and parents who volunteered their time to serve as representatives of their sports on the Athletics and Activities Work Group.  I look forward to working with you again as we approach and prepare for Season 2.




Please note:  All high school athletics and activities are subject to cancellation or to a change in operations given updated guidance we may receive from WIAA, OSPI, the Governor of WA, the King County Department of Health and/or other relevant public health or governing institutions.  High school athletics are about community building, about learning physical activities students can enjoy for a lifetime and about being healthy and we certainly want to act in such a way that we promote student health and well-being.  We will continue to monitor guidance and adjust accordingly through the summer and into the fall of 2020.


As easy as 1, 2, 3!


*NEW* for the 2020-2021 school year: 

  • FinalForms is our new Athletic Registration provider.
  • Physicals are now valid for two (2) years.
  • Physicals can now be uploaded directly to FinalForms.Parents, you must keep the original, signed physical available at home and be able to produce it upon request.
  • Families can now register for the entire year of sports at one time.They are also free to register for just the upcoming season and register for future seasons at a later date.
  • Registration opens on May 15, 2020 for the 2020-2021 school year.
  • Fees will not be collected until we know that we can begin a sports season.



    1. Registration is required and can be completed online via FinalForms. You will need to find your invitation e-mail from FinalForms that was sent to parents and students on 5/15/2020 to log in to the system for the first time.  If you cannot find that email, please contact your school’s Athletics Office.  Click HERE for the FinalForms website.  Please note the following before registering online:

  • Registration must be completed by the parent or legal (court appointed) guardian of the student athlete using the parent e-mail currently in Family Access.
  • Parents/guardians can find registration instructions in the FinalForms Parent Playbook.
  • Parents/guardians can enter multiple students in one FinalForms session.
  • When you add or update information in FinalForms, it does not update information in Family/Student Access.  Please contact your school registrar for updates to your student’s information at the school.

     Register early! To ensure adequate time for the clearance process, student athletes may not be permitted to attend practice the same day as registration.

    Gibson Ek Families: You will be able to begin registration in FinalForms but in order to select sports and complete registration, you will need to contact the Athletic Director at your student’s boundary school to gain access to that school’s sports.

    Private School or Home-Based Families: To participate in athletics at the Issaquah School District, you must first be enrolled at your boundary school. Please visit our New Student Enrollment Page for instructions on how to enroll your student online. When filling out your application, please add a note in the comments section that your student is planning to participate in sports. It will take at least 24 hours after you receive the email confirming enrollment for your student to become active in the athletics system, so please plan accordingly. 


    NOTE: All students who are new to the Issaquah School District, are Home Based, or attend Private School must first be registered online and cleared by the building registrar prior to registering for sports. This process may take up to 3 school days. This must be done prior to starting the online sports registration process so please plan accordingly!


    2.  A current physical form must be on file for eligibility.

  • Physicals are valid for two (2) years. 
  • Incoming freshmen planning to play sports must have a physical upon entering high school. This physical needs to be completed on or after June 1 to be eligible for the upcoming school year. 
  • Sports Physicals must be current for the entire season/post season.  Students will NOT be cleared to turn out with a physical that expires during the regular season or playoffs. 
  • Parents/guardians can go to FinalForms to register and complete the student’s medical information, which will create a personalized Pre-participation Physical Evaluation (PPE).
  • Parents/guardians print the PPE form, which includes the ISD Physical Form (last page of the PPE document), and have the student take the form to the medical exam appointment. Please share with your physician that the ISD only requires the final page of the physical be scanned/uploaded or brought in.
  • Submit completed Physical Form via upload to FinalForms (you can scan or take a picture) or drop off in person during open Athletics Office hours PRIOR TO PARTICIPATION. Please note:  you are only required to upload (or bring in when our offices open to the public) the final page of the physical form.
  • The 2020-2021 HS Physical Form is available if you need one prior to registering with FinalForms.


    Medical insurance is also required. If you don’t have medical insurance coverage through your family, school insurance is available for a fee. Click below for details on Student Accident & Sickness Coverage:

  • Student Insurance – English
  • Student Insurance – Spanish
  • Student Insurance – Vietnamese
  • Student Insurance – Korean
  • Student Insurance – Chinese-Simplified

     3.  All fees must be paid prior to participation. This year we will not collect fees until we know that we can begin a season.  Please read your school’s E news for updated information on that.  Every effort is made to ensure athletics programs are affordable for all students. All fees can be paid online HERE.

    Note: Scholarships are available, contact your high school guidance counselor and/or Assistant Principal for details.

    ASB Card: $60 - All students turning out for a sport/activity must purchase an ASB card.  

    Sports Fee: $200 per student/per sport with a $400 per student maximum/year

    All athletes are required to pay a $200 sports fee for each sport. No student will pay more than $400 per school year in sports fees (the 3rd sport is free). Cheer, Dance,  and/or Drill are not required to pay the $200 sports fee but may be required to pay other activity fees.  

    School Fees and Fines: All school fees and fines MUST be paid prior to clearance.  Should you have financial need, please reach out to your school guidance counselor and/or Assistant Principal for more information and to request assistance. 


    High School Athletics Websites: