ISD High School Athletics Updates

Athletics Update 3/16/2021

In light of Governor Inslee’s most recent announcement moving us into Phase 3, we will be allowing additional student athletes and family unit spectators at sporting events.  

Beginning March 18th, the following spectator guidelines will be in place for Season 1: 

All student athletes will be able to invite 4 family unit spectators 
(parent/guardians, grandparents, siblings) for HOME events only as space allows. No visiting spectators.  The only exception is cheer/dance/drill can only invite 2 family unit spectators (parent/guardians, grandparents, siblings) to football because cheer/dance/drill athletes have more events to be able to bring all family members over time as spectators whereas football athletes have only 2 home events. To get your family unit members on the pass list, you should work with your coach prior to each event. 

Family unit spectator reminders: 

  • Be on the pass list (work with your coach) for each event
  • Complete an attestation and be able to show it was completed to event staff 
  • Arrive up to 30 minutes prior to game start time and be patient as we process all the required screening 
  • Remember to wear a mask and maintain social distancing with everyone other than your family unit while in line waiting to be screened in AND while seated in the stands/bleachers 

We are excited to continue our Season 1 and we thank you for being so gracious and adhering to our COVID mitigation practices as you have visited our facilities.  We hope student fans and extended families are enjoying the livestreaming! 

High School Athletics Return to Play Plan and KingCo League Safety Guidelines

Posted on February 16, 2021

As we approach the start of KingCo season one for fall sports, we want to make you aware of the parameters for this season. We are currently in Phase 2. We do not yet know what Phase 3 metrics or guidance are. These guidelines are subject to change.

  • Please read our Return to Play plan 3.0 at your school’s athletics page (IHSLHSSHS) and our KingCo league safety guidelines.
  • The Governor has set a maximum group size of 200 (or 25% of allowed group size per the fire code whichever is lower) for all gatherings involving K-12 sports. This 200 limit includes all athletes, coaches, officials, medical personnel, etc. Therefore, there will be no student spectators at our fall sports. 
  • Whenever possible, we hope that our parents will transport student athletes in family groups to and from the games.
    • Should you choose to drive a student athlete who does not live in your home we strongly encourage you to wear masks the entire time and to keep the windows rolled down.
  • Parents and guardians will complete an attestation before entering the facility. This attestation will be their “ticket” and there will be no fee. In some instances, we will abide by the rules of the facility we rent. This may mean that no parent/guardian spectators are allowed in some spaces. We thank you for your understanding.
    • All parents/guardians will be required to follow our state and local COVID protocols by sitting 6 feet or more away from others and by wearing a face mask at all times.
    • The parent/guardian must enter at the designated locations.
    • If anyone does not abide by these guidelines, they will not be allowed to enter.
    • If anyone refuses to follow the guidelines once they have entered, they will be asked to leave.
  • There will be no food or drink allowed and there will be no concessions at this time. Leave your food and drink in your car for after the game.
  • There will be no leaving and re-entering the facility. Once you are in, you are in. You may leave at any time, but we cannot staff these events with enough people to do a second round of attestations.
  • Because we can only have 200 total people in one area for one event, our ADs and building principals will monitor group sizes closely. Anyone who is not absolutely necessary for the safe running of the event may be denied entry if we have hit the 200 (or 25% capacity for our indoors spaces whichever is lower) total. We hope to avoid this through careful planning, but we want to make you all aware of the maximum allowed now in the event we cannot let you enter.
  • Because of these limits, it may not be possible to have cheer, dance or drill in-person at all events. ADs and ACs will work with those coaches and advisors to determine when virtual performances may work and when and where in-person activity can occur without exceeding the maximum number of people allowed.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding as we do our utmost to provide some form of in-person activity for our student athletes. We will do our best to communicate updates and changes in a timely fashion should any guidance from the Dept of Health, the Governor, SKCPH and/or WIAA be re-issued again.



As of February 1st , we have moved to Phase 2, which has opened up athletic opportunities.  Please refer to the just updated Return to Participation Plan 3.0 for full details.  Now that we are in Phase 2, indoor use for sports is permitted and will be available beginning Monday, February 8 th.


9-28-2020 Attention Parents of High School Athletes:

As you are aware, our district is now providing district e-mail addresses for each ISD student.  For consistency purposes, we will also now be using your student’s district supplied e-mail address as their e-mail in our new athletic registration software FinalForms.  This changeover will take place on 10/5/2020.  If your student does not participate in sports, no further action is required and your student may ignore any e-mails received from FinalForms.  If your student has already signed up for sports or will in the future, they can check their district e-mail for an account confirmation from FinalForms.  Student e-mails are necessary in FinalForms because there are some forms in the registration process that require a student signature.  This update will not change any forms that are already completed; your registration status will not be impacted. 

More information about district issued student email including instructions on how to login may be found here on the district website   . 

Please note:  this change does not affect parent FinalForms accounts or parent e-mail addresses in FinalForms.  Those will remain unchanged. 



Athletics Update Fall 2020

Together with our fellow King Co member schools and districts and following the Board’s July 30th decision to start the school year in a fully remote way, we have made the decision to offer athletics beginning in Season 2 and continuing in Season 3 and 4 this year provided that the conditions are safe enough to do so.  There will be no athletics offered in Season 1.  Instead, Season 1 sports have been moved into other seasons per the current WIAA guidance.  The WIAA has made its alternative calendars publicly available and you can read them at  The start date for Season 2 is December 28th.  We have yet to determine whether or not we can offer the out of season athletics opportunities that could be allowed beginning September 28th.  This decision will largely depend on the input and guidance we receive from our local department of health as well as the infection rates and phasing provided by our Governor.  Please stay tuned for more on that.  I also want to say thank you to the staff, students and parents who volunteered their time to serve as representatives of their sports on the Athletics and Activities Work Group.  I look forward to working with you again as we approach and prepare for Season 2.



Please note:  All high school athletics and activities are subject to cancellation or to a change in operations given updated guidance we may receive from WIAA, OSPI, the Governor of WA, the King County Department of Health and/or other relevant public health or governing institutions.  High school athletics are about community building, about learning physical activities students can enjoy for a lifetime and about being healthy and we certainly want to act in such a way that we promote student health and well-being.  We will continue to monitor guidance and adjust accordingly through the summer and into the fall of 2020.