Housing, utility, and internet assistance

Rental Assistance

The governor has issued a moratorium on tenant evictions for non-payment until April 17.

Issaquah recently allocated $100,000 in emergency funding for rental assistance to help those in need within city limits. http://www.issaquahcommunityservices.org/need-help/  

United Way of King County Rental Assistance Fund

United Way is pleased to announce an expanded program of rental assistance beginning on Friday April 10, 2020. Thanks to generous donations to the Community Relief Fund and a variety of community partners, one month of rental assistance is being offered to people in King County struggling to pay rent due to the coronavirus.

Listed below are the requirements to qualify and a link to the application. Funds are available on a first come, first served basis. We encourage you to apply as soon as possible

If you’re a King County resident who has been impacted financially by COVID-19 and are behind on your rent, you may qualify for assistance.

You may apply for this assistance if you:

  • Live in King County, WA
  • Are behind in rent
  • Are economically impacted by COVID-19
  • Have a current monthly household income that is below these amounts (50% of Area Median Income):
    • 1 Person: up to $3,483
    • 2 Persons: up to $3,983
    • 3 Persons: up to $4,479
    • 4 Persons: up to $4,975
    • 5 Persons: up to $5,375
    • 6 Persons: up to $5,775

If you meet these requirements, please fill out the online application at www.uwkc.org/renthelp or call 2-1-1.

United Way anuncia un programa ampliado de asistencia de alquiler a partir del viernes 10 de abril de 2020. Gracias a las generosas donaciones al Fondo de Ayuda Comunitaria y una variedad de socios comunitarios, se ofrece un mes de asistencia de alquiler a las personas en el Condado de King que luchan por pagar el alquiler debido al coronavirus. A continuación se enumeran los requisitos para calificar y un enlace a la aplicación. Los fondos están disponibles por orden de llegada. Le recomendamos que presente su solicitud lo antes posible.

Si usted es un residente del Condado de King que ha sido afectado financieramente por COVID-19 y está atrasado en su alquiler, puede calificar para recibir asistencia.

Puede solicitar esta asistencia si usted:

  • Vive en el Condado de King, WA
  • Están atrasados ​​en el alquiler
  • Se ven afectados económicamente por COVID-19
  • Tiene un ingreso familiar mensual actual inferior a estas cantidades (50% del Ingreso Medio del Area):
    • 1 persona: hasta $ 3,483
    • 2 personas: hasta $ 3,983
    • 3 personas: hasta $ 4,479
    • 4 personas: hasta $ 4,975
    • 5 personas: hasta $ 5,375
    • 6 personas: hasta $ 5,775

Si cumple con estos requisitos, complete la solicitud en línea en www.uwkc.org/renthelp o llame al 2-1-1. 

Mortgage Assistance


Utilities Assistance

The Governor has asked that public utilities do not disconnect service for non-payment and to waive late fees during this emergency. Contact your utility company for bill assistance programs that are available.

Internet Access

Many providers are not disconnecting customers for late payments right now and may also waive late fees. Some are currently offering free and low cost service.

  • Xfinity WiFi public hotspots are now open to everyone.
  • AT&T Access offers low-cost internet.


In response to COVID-19, Comcast has enhanced their existing Internet Essentials program detailed in their Internet Essentials press release.

  • Increasing speeds for all IE customers
  • New customers will receive 60 days complimentary service.

Comcast will also implemented new policies to help communities connect to the Internet for a 60 day period, beginning March 13, 2020.

  • Xfinity WiFi Free For Everyone
  • Pausing Our Data Plan
  • No Disconnects or Late Fees
  • News, Information and Educational Content on X1 and Flex Platforms
  • 24x7 Network Monitoring

Free cell phones and minutes

During the COVID-19 emergency, the Health Care Authority is offering free cell phones and minutes to low income individuals through a federal program called Lifeline. For information on the phone services and carriers, visit the Lifeline information page. To apply, go to the free government cell phones website.

This page was last updated at 1:45 PM on Friday, April 10, 2020.