Learning Through Interest

Professional Partnerships

We offer students a peek into the working world BEFORE they make college and career choices. Our students give real jobs a trial run at Tuesday/Thursday daytime internships all over the Seattle region, and beginning in 2020, we have added a virtual internship option.

Will you partner with us? A little of your time and attention can make a big impact.

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YES! I want to volunteer for remote mentoring, job-site mentoring, and/or one-time informational interviews. 

‘Our Gibson Ek intern was diligent, helpful and respectful, and we were able to share information about a field (medical lab sciences) with a growing need for trained individuals.’

Demi Zamzow

Incyte Diagnostics, Bellevue

‘An internship is an excellent way to see your business and its operations through a very different lens - that of our youth, our future.’

Kristi Tripple

Rowley Properties, Issaquah

‘Star Protection has had the incredible opportunity to partner with Gibson Ek and worked with two students with completely different backgrounds and goals. Watching these eager students learn, ask questions, and take on new challenges has been very rewarding.’

Nancy Glass

Star Protection Agency, Bellevue