Remote Mentoring

Sharing Your Work with a Student Virtually

Can't host a student on-site? Mentor REMOTELY.

Since 2016, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Gibson Ek students have taken real jobs for a test drive during in-person internships all over the Seattle region. Students develop professional skills and a better understanding of careers as they learn from adult mentors.

Beginning in fall 2020, Gibson Ek is offering REMOTE mentoring, allowing students to “intern” from school or from home, while video chatting with a mentoring professional once or twice a week. 

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How It Works

VIRTUAL MEETINGS: During initial video chats, the student interviews the mentor about their organization, role, typical day, etc. The mentor then helps identify a relevant project (with advisor input). Chats then center on mentor feedback on the student’s project work. 


  • confirm the internship through brief paperwork including a learning agreement
  • provide career information and project feedback in brief video chats once or twice a week
  • confirm student's chat attendance weekly
  • if possible, watch the student's exhibition of learning at the close of each trimester

Students are responsible for sharing progress with the mentor and advisor. Advisor handles all official learning assessment for credit. 

TIME SPAN: Remote mentoring initially lasts one trimester (10-12 weeks), though most mentors will continue with their mentees throughout the school year. Mentors always have the option to end the partnership earlier or extend it.

PROJECT IDEAS: Mentors should visit our Internship Projects page and watch our brief Project Development video, but project development is not solely the responsibility of the mentor; student and advisor are expected to collaborate on ideas.

LONG-DISTANCE OR HOME-BASED MENTORS: Our on-site internships have required mentors to work nearby in a professional setting, but our REMOTE internship initiative opens up many more possibilities for partnerships. We encourage our community to pass along the invitation to connections who work outside the region or from home.

CURRENT MENTORS: We are so grateful to those professionals already mentoring our students who would like to continue with an on-site internship, but we encourage current mentors to volunteer for REMOTE mentoring during times when in-person internships are not permitted. Please know that we hope to continue with remote internships (as well as in-person opportunities) even after health-related closures lift.

AFTER SIGNING UP: Professionals who complete the sign-up form will be added to our database of opportunities for students to review -- they won't necessarily be asked to mentor. It's up to students to reach out to potential mentors (according to their interests), and mentors may accept or decline. 

OTHER WAYS TO HELP: If a working professional absolutely cannot partner as a mentor for a trimester, we also encourage students to conduct one-time informational interviews. You may indicate that preference on the form.

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Thank you for your partnership! Casey Henry, Learning through Interest Coordinator