Advisory is the heart of Gibson Ek’s community. Students stay in the same advisory all four years, and create a place where everyone is welcome to create, share, struggle and achieve. A student’s advisor evaluates learning, assists in goal setting and project planning, and monitors a student’s internship. Advisory peers provide each other with encouragement, accountability, partnership and support as each individual challenges themselves to grow as thinkers, creators and contributors. Each advisory shapes its own culture, but some common practices are present.

Community Building

Advisory is a student’s home at Gibson Ek. Students and the advisor work together to create a safe space where students know and support one another. This might happen through advisory projects, team building activities, off campus explorations, collaborative discussions, and restorative circles. 

Project Planning and Organization

Individualized, project-based learning is new for most students, and advisory is the place where goals are set, plans are made, learning is organized, so that a student can leave advisory to pursue rich learning throughout the day.

Learning Support

Students share their work in progress with one another as a way to overcome obstacles, push their work to more challenging levels, get feedback or receive mentorship from other students. 

Academic and Community Pursuits

Advisories engage in thoughtful discussions of current issues, read books together, examine community issues, participate in service experiences, or hone academic skills. 

Social-Emotional Learning and Health & Wellness

Time is dedicated to conversations about healthy choices, active lifestyles and a growing self-awareness and skills.

School Announcements and Information

School-wide communication runs through advisory. Students receive information about expectations, events, deadlines and opportunities.

[From our Student Handbook]