Reflect and Present on all that you've learned to people who matter deeply to you

Exhibitions are the formative assessments in Big Picture schools. They consist of an hour long presentation at the end of each trimester during which students detail all of the learning they have done since their last exhibition to an audience that includes their parents, peers, and advisors. The core concept is high accountability within a growth based model. Exhibitions are impactful and successful when advisors are able to facilitate a discussion that feels as ‘real’ as possible to all involved. This looks like important figures in a student’s life publicly appreciating powerful process and change or, conversely, sitting with a student through failure and publicly declaring support.



Your Learning Portfolio: Documenting Growth and Change

At Gibson Ek, the word “portfolio “is almost a verb as it implies an ongoing process, more than the creation of a single document.

The portfolio provides you an opportunity to gather evidence of your learning, the ways in which that learning has changed you, and present that process to the larger community. Your learning portfolio contains not only your best work, but also evidence of your transformation through learning, including, perhaps, mistakes and lessons along the way, as well as evidence of the skills and knowledge you’ve developed.

The continual process of building your portfolio is an opportunity for conscious, intentional reflection: are you addressing questions or issues that matter to you? Are you finding ways to work toward the requirements of the degree through the lens of those passions? Are your studies broad and deep? Are you thinking and writing critically about ideas and insights?