Learning Plan

Make a plan that reflects your interests and where you want to go.

The Learning Plan -- a personalized proposal on what students want to learn and how they will get there -- is the first piece of work that every student and staff member must complete at Gibson Ek, and continue to complete each learning cycle. Each learning plan summarizes a student's vision for that year, the rest of high school, and future years beyond. It also includes SMART goals for the current learning cycle.

It is the first physical flag post that what is going on here is different, that we care about what students care about. Based off Getting Things Done by David Allen, Learning Plans act as both productivity tool, genuine motivator, and social contract.

The Learning Plan is the first thing students create at the beginning of the year. At the end of each learning cycle, once they’ve written their reflections of their exhibitions, their final step is to write a new learning plan for the next cycle.