The Design

Transforming Education, One Student at a Time

Personal. Real. Lasting. Equity Driven. Big Picture Schools across the world have a series of structures that help make their vision come to life. Each one is a crucial step towards the life and learner we are trying to create. If you were a student, the steps might sound a bit like this:

1. Stop learning for school, start learning for life

Person holding a potted plant
Bridge with a city and the sun setting in the background

2. Join a community that you support and supports you

3. Make a plan - with a team that understands you deeply - that reflects your interest and where you want to go

image of an old compass
Map laid out on a table with field notes sitting on top

4. Continually explore those interests and make something out of them

5. Develop a relationship and work with an expert mentor in the field of your interest

Two gears and a pencil sitting on top of blueprints
Mountain with it's reflection in a calm lake

6. Reflect and present on all that you've learned to people who matter deeply to you

7. Tell your story

Typewriter keys with the letters changed to read the word