Applications Closed for Fall 2021; Waitlist Open

    Gibson Ek is an innovative choice public high school open to students living in the Issaquah School District. Thank you to all of the ISD eighth-graders who applied to Gibson Ek for fall.

    March 5: Applications due.

    March 10: Admission lottery held.

    March 12: Families notified of acceptance or waitlist status.

    Ongoing: Students may continue to apply for waitlist and will be added in order of receipt. Families will only be notified if a spot becomes available prior to the 2021-22 school year.


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    Student Agreement

    Prospective students should be ready to agree to the following:

    We strive to create a safe, kind, supportive, vibrant and professional learning community through RESPECT, MATURITY AND PRODUCTIVITY.

    As a Gibson Ek Student, I understand that I am responsible for my learning and I respect and value the learning of all students and staff at Gibson Ek. I have the opportunity to drive my own learning to meet graduation requirements and I acknowledge that I play a key role in my success at Gibson Ek High School. I will work each day to help myself reach my best potential and I will respect and value the learning of all students and staff at Gibson Ek. I understand that Gibson Ek High School requires students to:

    • Work closely with an advisor who provides guidance and support as students engage in school and develop Learning Plans
    • Reach beyond school to establish and attend internships and real world experiences 2 days per week
    • Engage in rigorous project work both independently and collaboratively
    • Establish time management, organization skills, and self-motivation
    • Find inspiration to lead their own learning while being immersed in an innovative and collaborative school environment
    • Embrace technology for personalization and new challenges
    • Contribute to a kind, positive, and respectful school culture
    • Invest in and commit to deeper learning as an integral part of the school
    • Learn how to learn, think critically, and solve complex problems
    • Gain the confidence to push themselves and develop positive beliefs about themselves as learners
    • Develop the maturity to communicate with adults in the workplace as well as at school
    • Develop the courage and skills to explore interests, passions, and talents
    • Present academic work through frequent public exhibitions and a portfolio
    • Explore a variety of colleges and career options


    School Board Objectives

    Gibson Ek is a district choice school for students in the Issaquah School District. With the design and implementation of Gibson Ek High School, the ISD intends to accomplish two broad objectives:

    1. Create personalized programs to provide those students not thriving in existing schools with a vibrant learning community that prepares them for success after high school; and
    2. Introduce into its portfolio of schools an innovative and adaptive design accessible to all interested students.

    The board’s vision is to have in place a fair and equitable admissions process that serves these objectives in tandem rather than creating tension between them.

    Enrollment Regulations