Student Life

Since the school was founded in 2016, students have been at the core of designing the learning at Gibson Ek. We have a personal connection to the school, our project work, and the community as we continue to build what the school is now and will become. Student voice is the foundation for creating a personalized school, and students have time throughout the day to collaborate with other students, share our passions with each other, and interact with students that we may not otherwise get to know well.

Students work on an experiment in the science lab.

Science Design Lab

Sophomore Mason Bice and junior Keisuke Sano work on a ferrofluid experiment during a science design lab.

“I feel like being a student at Gibson Ek is a responsibility that I have to my community and the entire district to show that our way of learning is effective. We aren’t the kids who don’t know how to do anything; we’re the kids who are exploring our passions and learning how to interact with the world by gaining the skills that we need to make a difference.”

Megan Krohn, Class of 2020, founding Gibson Ek student

Student plays drums in the recording studio

Recording Music

Junior Blake Johnson plays drums while freshman Evelyn Cullen records his work in the sound room.

“Being a student at Gibson Ek means being able to reach for the stars and catching them. Gibson Ek has meant everything to me, and I have tried to take advantage of each opportunity that has come my way. It means establishing a strong relationship with my peers and advisors and using the opportunities to launch me into the real world.”

Conner Hyde, Class of 2021

Student gets help with coding.

Learning to Code

Sophomore Simone St. Pierre Nelson gets help on a game project from computer programmers Sean Mitchell, Abhi Srivastava and Chad Magendanz, who volunteer to teach coding through Microsoft's TEALS program.