Upcoming Events

Make-Up Picture Day

If your child is re-taking their pictures, please have them bring the original photo package with them to school.

Conference Scheduling Opens

Veterans Day — No School

No school for students or staff.

Office Hours: 8:30 - 4:30
Please call 425-837-7925 when you arrive.

Lost and Found 

All lost and found will be brought out to Grand Central (the flagpole on Park Dr.) on Wednesday's, at dismissal.


Parking Lot Gate

You may have noticed that there are two new poles near the entrance to our parking lot.  There is soon to be a gate to go with those poles.  While it will (hopefully) do its intended job, your access to the parking lot is going to be restricted after-hours and on the weekends.

We have had ongoing and pervasive issues with the crowd that hangs out in the parking lot above our campus.  They start their evening there and then migrate to our parking lot where they have been known to: litter, climb up onto our roof and run around, break into our gym on multiple occasions, break out our basketball court lights, and damage our traffic cones by repeatedly running them over.  We have also found stolen trailers (the kind you attach to pick ups) in our parking lot.  Needless to say, we have worked with the ISD Security Team, as well as the Issaquah PD to minimize the impact and while our partnership is a strong, collaborative and preventative one, the issues continue.

As a last resort, we will now install a gate across our parking lot entrance.  It will be locked after-hours, as well as on the weekends.

I apologize for the inconvenience this may cause you if you like to park on our campus during these times.  You are still able to park on Park Drive and walk on our campus.

The gate will remain OPEN during SCHOOL HOURS.

Thank you for your understanding.


Laptop Pre-Reservation Process in Case of Shift to Remote Learning

Dear parents and guardians,

We want to be prepared to check out laptops quickly for remote learning in the event of a short-term or longer-term classroom or school closure due to the pandemic. Below is a link to the Laptop Pre-Reservation Form. (The questions are in English and Spanish. Translation is available in many other languages when using a computer.)

Please fill out this form if your student will need to check out a laptop in the event that their class shifts to remote learning because of COVID. Only fill out the form if your student will need a laptop.

                             Elementary Student Laptop Pre-Registration Link


Thank you,

Jill Ravenscraft


Update to School Lunches

“Due to current labor and supply chain conditions, there will be reduced variety of lunch menu items available at the start of the school year. Lunches will be provided in a “kit” consisting of yogurt, string cheese, crackers, breakfast bar, fresh fruit and vegetable and choice of 1% white or fat free chocolate milk. We anticipate conditions to improve soon and moving back to the typical lunch menu at that time. Lunches remain free for all students during the 2021-22 school year. More information about school lunch can be found here. “

Bell Schedule

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
9:00  Students may arrive on campus
9:10  First Bell
9:15  School Begins
3:40  School Dismisses

9:00  Students may arrive on campus
9:10  First Bell
9:15  School Begins
1:30  School Dismisses

Safety Patrol Application

Grand Ridge is looking for 4th and 5th grade students who are interested in joining the Grand Ridge Safety Patrol team this school  year! Please fill out your Safety Patrol Application 2021-22 and drop it in the Grand Ridge Drop Box, outside the office.

Grand Ridge Bear Hunt

A Virtual Tour for our incoming Kindergartners, 1st Graders and ALL new students

Ms. Ravenscraft reads with Gilman in the Grand Ridge Library

Getting Ready for the 2021-2022 School Year!

Welcome New Grand Ridge Grizzlies! Are you a brand new Grand Ridge Grizzly, joining us in September? Join Gilman (our mascot) and Principal Ravenscraft as they tour Grand Ridge and show you around! Watch this Grand Ridge Tour video!


The school supply list can be found on the PTSA website.

Grand Ridge Videos: We Miss You! A Good Laugh! Guess Who? Gratitude Dance Party

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1739 NE Park Drive, Issaquah, WA 98029


(425) 837-7925


(425) 837-7929


(425) 837-7925

Attendance Email

Visiting the Office

By appointment only.

Monday - Friday
 8:30 - 4:30



Reporting an Absence

To report an absence for TODAY:
Please call the Grand Ridge office at (425) 837-7925 or email grattendance@issaquah.wednet.edu. Include:

  • Student's name
  • Date of absence
  • Teacher's name
  • Reason for absence

For vacation requests (future absences) over 3 days, fill out a pre-arranged absence form and turn into the office or your child's teacher. If the vacation is over 20 days, use this form.