Congratulations Grand Ridge!

2016 Washington Achievement Award WinnerMrs. Sehlin accepts our award with ISD Director of Elementary Education Jodi Bongard, ISD Superintendent Ron Thiele, and joined by State Superintendent Chris Reykdahl.

Grand Ridge Elementary School was recognized by Washington State and OSPI with a 2016 Washington Achievement Award in not one, but THREE categories!

  • Overall Excellence
  • High Progress
  • English Language Acquisition

We know this recognition is a reflection of the wonderful community we have here at Grand Ridge and thank you for your help in making our school so GRAND! 

To learn more about this award, please visit OSPI's website.

Our School

Parking Lot Gate

You may have noticed that there are two new poles near the entrance to our parking lot.  There is soon to be a gate to go with those poles.  While it will (hopefully) do its intended job, your access to the parking lot is going to be restricted after-hours and on the weekends.

We have had ongoing and pervasive issues with the crowd that hangs out in the parking lot above our campus.  They start their evening there and then migrate to our parking lot where they have been known to: litter, climb up onto our roof and run around, break into our gym on multiple occasions, break out our basketball court lights, and damage our traffic cones by repeatedly running them over.  We have also found stolen trailers (the kind you attach to pick ups) in our parking lot.  Needless to say, we have worked with the ISD Security Team, as well as the Issaquah PD to minimize the impact and while our partnership is a strong, collaborative and preventative one, the issues continue.

As a last resort, we will now install a gate across our parking lot entrance.  It will be locked after-hours, as well as on the weekends.

I apologize for the inconvenience this may cause you if you like to park on our campus during these times.  You are still able to park on Park Drive and walk on our campus.

The gate will remain OPEN during SCHOOL HOURS.

Thank you for your understanding.

Grand Ridge Elementary School opened in September 2006 and works within these Guiding Principles:

  • Vision:  To foster life-long learning, imagination, critical thinking and global awareness.
  • Mission:  Our students will be of high character, and will be prepared for and eager to accept the academic, personal, and practical challenges of life in their school, community, and ever-changing global environments
  • Motto:  Reach Far. Be Grand.

Grand Ridge embraces the philosophy that all students can and will learn. There is a consistent focus on learning so that all students are successful. Knowledge, skills, and research are used to continually improve teaching. High expectations and clear standards are understood by students and families.

Grand Ridge is a safe haven for student's hearts and minds. Flexibility and compassion for others are a part of daily interactions. Honor and respect for diversity is seen within and outside the school. Parent, business, and community partnerships are cultivated to support student learning.

Grand Ridge dismisses classes early every Wednesday for two hours of staff collaboration.

Please visit the online ISD Community Report for information about the Issaquah School District’s mission, overall performance, and budget.

Driving directions

From I-90

  1. Take the Sunset Interchange (Exit #18)
  2. Follow Highlands Drive up the hill and turn right on NE Federal Drive
  3. Turn right again on NE Park Drive
  4. The school is .8 miles up on NE Park Drive

From downtown Issaquah

  1. Drive east on E. Sunset Way
  2. After crossing I-90, E. Sunset Way becomes Highlands Drive
  3. Turn right onto NE Federal Drive
  4. Turn right again on NE Park Drive.
  5. The school is .8 miles up on NE Park Drive

From the Sammamish plateau

  1. Drive south on Issaquah-Pine Lake Road SE across Issaquah-Fall City Road where Highlands Drive begins.
  2. Turn left on NE Federal Drive.
  3. Turn right on NE Park Drive.
  4. The school is .8 miles up on NE Park Drive.