As a result of new emergency rules adopted by the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, attendance in Washington public schools will be different this year. Here is what you need to know as we start school:

  • Our primary goal is that your student attend with his/her class and benefit from peer-to-peer and student-to-teacher interaction. Every student who does so will be marked present every day.
  • Should your student be unable to participate in that way, on any given day, s/he may still participate outside regularly scheduled school hours, for example at 5 p.m., and be counted as present for the day.
  • If a student participates asynchronously (outside of the live session), parents/guardians must notify the student’s teacher or school office of that intent on a daily basis in order for that student to be counted in the daily attendance count.
  • New this year is an additional feature we will be adding to our websites whereby you can attest to your student’s participation in the class outside school hours. We expect to have this feature ready by September 8 on our school’s website. Please look for an announcement about this in our school’s e-News.
  • Teachers will have the opportunity to change and update attendance records to reflect student participation outside school hours.
  • If you believe an error has been made in your student’s attendance record, please email the concern to your child’s teacher. S/he will have the best knowledge of attendance.


By law, the State of Washington requires each school to closely monitor students’ attendance.

All absences will be considered “unexcused” unless we receive notification from you via telephone to the attendance line at (425) 837-7925, or by email notification to, or by written notification as to the reason for the absence.

Absences are only considered excused for the following reasons:

  • illness
  • health appointments
  • family emergencies
  • religious observances
  • school-approved activities

You can leave a message anytime of the day or night at (425) 837-7925 with the following information:

  • Date of absence(s)
  • Teacher's Name
  • Reason for absence(s)