Our Philosophy

“Love and Logic”

Grand Ridge Elementary embraces the “Love and Logic” approach of teaching children how to make good choices. This involves the use of logical consequences. Consequences are imposed based on the discretion of the adult and/or the frequency or severity of the incident.

At Grand Ridge we attempt to use the following five-step guide towards logical consequences:

Step One: Respond with empathy when you hear the problem. “That sounds very upsetting.”

Step Two: Send the message of power. “What do you think you’ll do?”

Step Three: Offer choices, if the child doesn’t know what to do. “Would you like to hear what other kids have tried?”

Step Four: Have the child state the consequence for each followed by: “And how will that work?”

Step Five: Give permission for the child to either solve the problem or not. “Sounds like a plan” or “Good luck with that.”