Class Parties

Classes may choose to have up to three curriculum-based celebrations throughout the school year. The celebrations will be determined by each grade level or individual teachers. Common themes might include Pacific Rim, Holidays Around the World, Pioneers, Friendship, or Plants. Curriculum related costumes (not Halloween related) may be decided by grade level or individual teachers. These celebrations will replace traditional holiday parties that are not curriculum based. Refreshments may include healthy snacks that follow the district adopted nutrition policy.

Birthdays may be recognized by teachers through individual recognition activities such as Star of the Week, special jobs, or other classroom acknowledgments. Because of lost instructional time, concern for students with allergies, and the district adopted nutrition policy, traditional birthday parties with refreshments will not be held in the classroom. Adopted by Grand Ridge Core Team, June 2006.

To protect instructional time and minimize classroom disruptions, flowers, balloons, etc., brought to school for a student, we will be kept in the office until the end of the school day. Students receiving such special gifts will be called to the office a few minutes before the final bell to pick up their items.