Sibling Policy

Grand Ridge’s Sibling Policy is one that considers the safety and needs of students, faculty, and families. To support participation and ensure both teacher and parent volunteers can focus entirely on the children in the classroom, the following policy has been adopted by the Grand Ridge Site Council:

  • Siblings may accompany parents to after-school events and assemblies.
  • Siblings may attend classroom activities at the discretion of the individual teacher. Please make prior arrangements with the teacher.
  • Siblings may accompany parents in the lunchroom for special occasions. Make arrangements ahead of time with the teacher, and order lunch with the cook if you will be eating in the lunchroom.
  • Due to safety concerns, siblings are not allowed in the kitchen.
  • It is not appropriate for siblings to accompany a parent while working in the workroom.
  • District policy dictates siblings are not allowed at recess.
  • Siblings are not allowed when parents chaperone field trips.
  • Siblings are not allowed when parent volunteers are in the classroom during instructional time.