Fall-Dress-up/Costume Spirit Day

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It’s That Time Again:  Fall Dress-up/Costume Spirit Day
Hello Grand Ridge Families:
On Wednesday, October 27th, your child/ren will have the opportunity to dress up for our Fall-o-ween/Harvest Costume Spirit Day!  Your child/ren’s teacher will be reaching out about specifics but please know this is just like any other Spirit Day; dress up if you’d like but know it’s purely optional.
Please see guidelines below, in terms of what is/is not appropriate wear for school.  Your child/ren will come to school in their costume, unless otherwise noted by your child/ren’s teacher.  Each class will have a socially distanced celebration.

All costumers must:
•    Portray positive images
•    Not be offensive or inappropriate in any way.  No costumes that demean any race, religion, nationality, disability, or gender is allowed.
•    Not show bare midriffs or have revealing clothing.
•    Be prepped at home.  No dressing or applying makeup or hairspray once students arrive at school.
•    Allow students to sit, walk, breathe, see, and hear.  No masks that cover the face or obscure identity.
•    Not include pretend weapons (pistols, knives, swords, handcuffs, etc.).  Leave them at home.
•    Not cause a disruption of be unsafe.